Jimmy Cliff has a new album out

OK, The G has something on that.

And here’s the man live. There’s the occasional not quite right here. But it is marvellous.

Real talent there, that’s not some mere popster in the right place at the right time. And yes, Jimmy Cliff wrote it too. Along with the variant here, that extra verse (with, I think, that stray into a major key but I’m not enough of a musician to be able to say) that just makes it.

There would be a certain comfort, when that last gurgle is imminent, as the sheets are being clutched in terror at the passing, to know that one had produced just the one little piece, even just the 3 minutes, to match that song.

1 thought on “Jimmy Cliff has a new album out”

  1. I saw Jimmy Cliff at Shepherds Bush Empire nearly 20 years ago, I thought he was old then! The song off the new album is pretty good as well.

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