A “smitten” prison officer helped her inmate lover escape from jail, who then went on to strike up a relationship with a second woman while on the run, a court heard.

What was it that attracted you to the lying thug?

4 thoughts on “Karma”

  1. If you’re going to break out from jail it’s best to make a clean break.
    Mind you, he probably thought he had an insurance policy, she’d be daft to denounce him. But hell hath no fury…

  2. I wonder if probationary prison officers get training on how seriously manipulative a lot of prisoners are. It’s SOP for the psychopaths but I expect many of the other prisoners learn the technique.

  3. @Tractor Gent

    I believe that they are given training on manipulation techniques and there are SOPs in place that aim to reduce manipulation – from memory, one is that an officer should not converse with a prisoner on consecutive days, and another is that they should not divulge information about their private life.

    Something that caught my eye about this case is how the prisoner apparently cottoned on to the officer’s vulnerability after noticing she no longer wore her wedding ring. That’s actually a big giveaway of trouble at home, certainly something I’d have noticed among work colleagues even if I didn’t know them well on a personal level. I was marginally surprised that something wasn’t in place already in this respect – perhaps that prison officers shouldn’t wear wedding or engagement rings (or alternatively, to deflect attention, perhaps they all should whether they’re coupled or not!). Certainly to go from ring-on to ring-off would have been to present a juicy target sign on herself.

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