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Let us remind ourselves

In a country as divided as Afghanistan there will be racial abuse.


11 thoughts on “Let us remind ourselves”

  1. I’m surprised he hasn’t posed the types of questions I’d have expected from him as the solution for all the ills of a society:

    How much tax does the average Afghan pay, how does this compare with its headline tax rates and what tax-collecting machinery do they have to enforce payment?

  2. Afghans calling each other names must be so hurtful. We should invade in order to prevent further hate speech.

  3. Does it have to be racial? Although I’m sure they could spare a few words for a fat ethnic Irishman

  4. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    There will be tribal abuse.

    That’s how shithole countries operate.

  5. True, Dennis. But the Brits don’t like being told things like that about their own country. You’ll have Ecksy on your case again.

  6. Ritchie’s right. Let me know when the Beheading Equity March begins, and I’ll bring my picket sign.

  7. In a country as divided as Afghanistan there will be racial abuse.

    The poor bastards that took the US and UK at their word and supported the Afghan puppet regime have now either fled or in hiding. Those in hiding are in fear of a Gestapo style “knock on the door”, not because of irrational fear of racism, but the rather from the fear of him and his family receiving a sudden, sharp bullet in the back of the head.

    Then again, Islam being the “Religion of Peace”, no doubt we will be getting lots of talking heads on BBC and CNN saying that the Taliban does not represent Islam, despite it being chapter and verse interpretations of the Quran that they are using to determine how each act of violent retribution.

    As for women’s rights under the Taliban, we saw how well that went the last time they were in power. I doubt that this time will be any different.

  8. Afghanistan is a country racially divided to the point of habitually killing each other.

    Mostly the Taliban is a uniting force, so racial killing may well go down. To be replaced by religious based killing, of course.

    In 10 years it will all fall apart, and they’ll be back at each other’s throats. If we leave them alone.

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