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Dr Embarek said WHO investigators were forced to conclude that a lab leak was “extremely unlikely” in their official report to avoid further arguments with the Chinese.

He said the team had come to an “impasse” with China, which would only allow a lab leak scenario to be included in the report if there were no recommendations to look further.

“My counterpart agreed we could mention (the lab leak scenario) in the report under the condition that we wouldn’t recommend specific studies of that hypothesis. We would just leave it there.”

Asked whether the Chinese would have agreed to the report without the scenario being labelled “extremely unlikely”, Dr Embarek said:

“That would have probably demanded further discussion and arguments for and against I didn’t think it was worth it.”

Science directed by politics is Lysenkoism, not actual science. Aren’t we the lucky ones?

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  1. In 2018 I came close to dying from SARS. Which originated where? The history of flu outbreaks over the last fifteen to twenty years is remarkable for their common source: China. I conjecture that this was not the first lab leak.

  2. “common source: China. I conjecture that this was not the first lab leak.”

    We know it wasn’t. SARS escaped several times from labs in China after it was first discovered and they started working on it.

  3. A science bureaucrat is a bureaucrat not a scientist. The effect is known as an SB transition: or at least it is now. Have Whitty and Vallance undergone SB transitions? I reckon so.

    How about the Astrologer Royal, Professor Neil Ferguson? Nah, I don’t think he ever practised anything recognisable as science.

  4. Remember when this was just a right wing conspiracy theory that could get you banned from Facebook (if you’re on there)?

    There is a race between these wankers taking over the world and ordinary people waking up to the means they are using to achieve it, and it’s not clear to me which will win out.

  5. It’s the whole flaw with government science or really, government anything. I get the idea of public goods and the argument that no-one else will invest, but it’s then corrupted by government.

    In the past decade, as I observe more and more, I just think that minarchism/libertarianism is the only way forward. Pro-government is no doubt going to get a boost from the vaccine, but I’m convinced that if government didn’t get involved, it would still have happened. Rich guys would have thrown them a billion. The rest of us, we’d have done something.

    Look at all the animal charities around the country. They’re all stuffed with money. Government doesn’t concern themselves with it, so people step up.

  6. It’s such blindingly obvious suspicious behaviour on the part of Peking that I’m inclining more and more to the idea it’s deliberate. “Look at how dangerous this killer virus must be if we’re trying to cover up the fact we engineered and released it from our lab. Ban everything and destroy your way of life for ever quickly, you capitalist idiots.”

  7. How about the Astrologer Royal, Professor Neil Ferguson? Nah, I don’t think he ever practised anything recognisable as science.

    Not absolutely true, he has a physics doctorate. But, at that time, if you weren’t quite good enough for an academic career in physics, you could go into fringe sciences, such as climate science or epidemiology, where your ability to solve partial differential equations would be regarded with awe, as akin to witchcraft.

    Ferguson has precisely zero medical qualifications, not even GCSE biology.

  8. “Science directed by politics is Lysenkoism, not actual science.”

    That sums up climate ‘science’

  9. Then hopefully you will all be refusing the forthcoming LDs Blojob Johnson is preparing to try and break us with this winter? Hopefully you will all be refusing vax pass shite regardless of it being made the “law” by Johnson’s clapping Bluelabour seals?

    Otherwise it is social credit tyranny probably for good . And another 2 doses of gene re-write shite minimum. “Booster” shit-shot and I believe this years flu vax will be a new gene re-write also. And then Bogus has 4 more vax does for everybody in UK (and is buying more). These cant wait to be annual boosters so most likely the measure will be one a quarter cos “emergency”.

    That means another 6 chances for the shit to fuck you up or kill you. The interactions of repeated doses of the garbage are not known. Nor is the cumulative effect. My guess would be that even if you avoid any immediate problems your immune system will come to be unable to function right without regular expensive injections of Govt/Big Pharma crap. Try to go cold turkey and you will be made v ill or killed by ordinary germs /virus etc. At that point you will have to pay for your own vax (another “tax” to help impoverish us in line with state greenfreak plans). And the state will have you in all ways. Social credit tyranny makes you a pariah just as you are very ill because you are trying to come off state-vax poison . Or because nobody will sell you any as you are a pariah.

    Do you see the plan now? Will you fight back or is it all of little interest/importance to you? Some of you are not in UK of course but this is worldwide and you will nearly all have the same powergrab put on you.

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