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So for example while it’s illegal to discriminate against trans people in employment, one in three UK employers say they wouldn’t hire someone if they knew that person was trans. And as Faye says, even if you’re pretty certain you have been discriminated against, you probably can’t afford legal action against the employer.

Conditional fee agreements
We act for most of our clients under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) – also known as a ‘no win no fee agreement’. If your case is unsuccessful then you don’t have to pay us (except in very specific circumstances that your solicitor will discuss with you). If your case is successful, then the majority of your legal costs will be paid by your opponent. Your solicitor will explain exactly how this works in more detail.

And yes, Leigh Day do take employment tribunal cases on a conditional fee arrangement.

10 thoughts on “Mr Google is your friend”

  1. The problem with trannies is they’re all absolutely fruit-loops crazy with the sort of madness that is widely infectious, especially among the ladies. Not only should we keep this out of the workplace, we should excise it from society as a whole, but then again, we closed all the long-term mental institutions for reasons that escape me.

    As for the solicitors enabling this sort of crap, it’s little more than the modern equivalent of ambulance chasing and a culture of “Where there’s a blame there’s a claim”. No wonder solicitors are right up there with estate agents and politicians on the list of the “Most reviled professions”.

    “‘angins too good fer ’em” as my old dad would have said.

  2. I don’t even believe the one in three claimed statistic.

    Source? Error margins?? Actual question??? Size of company????


    Lying shiteholes.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    I don’t believe at as well. Given the stories we hear about the way some of them act once inside companies I’d expect the figure to be >90%.

  4. Given the endless complaints about toilet privileges with biological females and the threat of lawsuit that Big Mouth makes, I wouldn’t touch them with a million foot pole.

    Fortunately for me, I don’t own a company.

  5. While one in three may discriminate, and it’s probably way higher, I very much doubt that they would admit to it.

  6. “one in three UK employers say they wouldn’t hire someone if they knew that person was trans. ”

    If they display histrionics like BigMouth, it’ll be more like 100%.
    And I’ve a feeling the screeching minority has a lot to do with the perception potential employers have of this “Trans” thing to begin with.

  7. Indeed, fellow commentators, nobody would wish to hire a shrieking malevolent troubling making harpy of whatever sex or shape.

    But the alleged question wasn’t “would you hire SMTMH”. It was would you hire a transgender person. And if in the interview and the extended background check you discover nowt amiss, what’s the problem?

    But of course during the interview and background check you’re likely (these days) it seems to discover an activist harpy. Wouldn’t fit in. No hire.

    Same goes for activists of all types, of course.

  8. If I was a UK employer, I certainly would never employ a tranny, or indeed anyone who was obviously mentally ill. It is pretty much impossible to prove a recruitment process is whatever-phobic.

  9. If some weird wants to dress up as a woman and play lets pretend with his weird pals –I don’t care if it is all on his own time.

    If a freak who wants that sort of nonsense going on in the workplace–esp if it was mine and my livelihood–he isn’t getting a job.

    Cos of legal bullshit I might have to make some excuse rather than the plain “Fuck off Weirdo” I would prefer to send him on his way with.

    But no way such obvious troublemakers should get a job.

  10. Tim–is there any chance do you think of this Leigh Day crew being sicced on Bogjob Johnsons Vax Pass caper on a conditional basis? Or do they only take on small-fry provincial solicitors they can throw their weight about with?

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