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Mr. Monbiot’s insistence

So what would a slow ecology movement look like? As Henry David Thoreau said, we are rich in proportion to the number of things we can afford to let alone.


That means that where we do agriculture we must do really intensive agriculture. So as to leave as much land for the wild as possible. Chemicals! Tractors! GMOs! Really fry the shit out of that land!

5 thoughts on “Mr. Monbiot’s insistence”

  1. I wasn’t vehemently opposed to Big Ag / Big Pharma and GMO’s until the jab came along and demonstrated you really can’t trust the cunts.
    And 95% of the peeps live on 10% of the land, so the beasties etc already have more than their fair share.

  2. But in the good old days, the bush fires burnt out all the diseased rubbish in Oz. So we weren’t bothered by the trash he mentions.

    Or is the wicked racist actually criticising the holy First People and saying we should instead impose the latest fad of white people like him.

  3. It is kind of hilarious how many Conservatives and Libertarians have gone anti big business (esp. big pharma) over the past few years, some commentators sound like they’ve could have been lifted stright from the Guardian!

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