Not going to happen

Stonewall has received £1 million a year of taxpayers’ money to deliver controversial guidance including on transgender issues, an investigation has found.

Over the past three years, the LGBT charity has been paid a total of over £3.1 million by 327 public bodies for their Diversity Champions scheme, conferences, events and training programmes.

This includes almost half a million pounds from the NHS, while one quango paid nearly £50,000 to the charity.

Members since 2018 have included 87 universities, roughly two-thirds of the total number in the UK, as well as Government departments, police forces and councils.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance, which carried out the research, is now “calling for an end to the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying, so public money is not used to distort political decision making by advancing policy positions taxpayers may seriously disagree with”.

The entirety of that NGO establishment will be against such restrictions. Shelter on housing, Oxfam on poverty, the P³’s constant demand is for funding to shout about tax.

This is what they live for, tax money to influence policy.

5 thoughts on “Not going to happen”

  1. What government should do is cut the budget by the amount (and generally not increase the overall budget). You have money to give to Stonewall, you can clearly do all the hip replacements with what you have.

    And what gets me is that it’s an open goal for the Conservatives. Cutting politically correct public sector waste will only piss off people who will never vote Conservative. Their loud opposition to it will gain the Conservatives more friends.

  2. The Conservative Party has not the slightest interest in pursuing conservative policies. This is partially due to fear of the lefty media blob’s reaction and partially because they are no more conservatives than the leaders of Fascist China are communists.

    Evidence: public spending, overseas aid, immigration, health, education etc etc

  3. +100 Bloke on M4
    Except the Tory government uses lobbying to persuade it to do what it wants to do anyway.
    Did someone say Conservative? What’s that?

  4. This of course applies everywhere. I’m thinking of Trump’s decision to stop funding the Palestinians and Houthis.

    Naturally Biden restarted this. And the Yanks complain about forever wars.

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