Not really and wholly, no

Briton suspected of spying for Russia ‘kept himself to himself’

The allegation is that he was pretty open in the one direction….

5 thoughts on “Not really and wholly, no”

  1. It’s the classic trope: everybody who “keeps themselves to themselves” should be rounded up, all crimes seem be be done by them.

  2. In films, it’s usually sexy, exciting 20/30something people having thrilling adventures involving Lektor MacGuffins, exotic locales and heart-pounding fist fights on a train, and it takes the investigative genius and physical courage of a sharply dressed superspy to foil the baddies so he can shag dewy starlets in a submarine after the credits.

    In reality,

    Neighbours know little of David Smith though Russian flags are visible inside his Potsdam flat

    How embarrassing.

  3. Steve: If life wasn’t shabby, tawdry and full of petty prosaic little minds we wouldn’t need fantasy and fiction derived therefrom.

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