On the subject of music

Who gets this song right?

(Both live versions for proper comparison).

BTW, I read somewhere just recently same guitarist (proper, name one) insisting that there were only two real Guitar Gods, Jimmy H and JJ Cale. Which might be taking it a little too far……

8 thoughts on “On the subject of music”

  1. They both do. Totally different interpretations. Cale’s someone you sit back & listen to. Skynyrd you go out & rock to, beer in hand.

  2. I much prefer JJCale’s version.
    Could be the LS version would sound better with improved audio. But unlike BiS, with the version offered, I’d just put my hands over my ears and hope they’d stop soon.

  3. Live rock always sounds a bit rough. Even if the sound engineer sets up well the musicians fuck with it mid set. Guitarists always want their amp on eleven because they can’t hear themselves.

  4. BiS
    Yes n no.
    Heard Eric johnson pre covid. Appalling sound (in the Paramount, in Austin). Not only too loud but inappropriately distorted.
    Also heard Bob Schneider and his long term band at the Saxon Pub.
    Loud, yes, but Undistorted.

  5. Technically excellent, in the right key and all that too. But the playing doesn’t have all that much to do with the actual song.

    OK, I’m being unfair, a bit, but it’s sorta “Guitar Solo V1” which could be fed into half the catalogue. G Solo V2 suiting for the other half.

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