On the subject of Ragging on Ritchie

I used to think you were kicking a cripple, until I heard the sanctimonious twat on BBC radio.
Fill yer boots.


On which subject the first ebook is progressing nicely. What should the second be? A first novel? Or a Ragging on Ritchie collection?

10 thoughts on “On the subject of Ragging on Ritchie”

  1. If it’s ‘ragging on Ritchie’ I’d happily send you some reminiscing on my dealings with him over the years, including his tax gaffes. Could be an interesting appendix

  2. Another collection of blog posts?

    Factchecking Pollyanna 2: Ragging on Ritchie

    The Factchecking Pollyanna book was pretty funny but I’ve definitely enjoyed your economics books more.

  3. Yes please. Take your time. I’ll definitely do a Ritchie but perhaps – perhaps – not just yet.

    And it won’t just be a collection of blog posts. Using them sa the core basis, but more structured perhaps.

  4. I have always thought that the ragging on Richie spots were a bit weird, why does he have this obsession with that guy? I gather that a part of it is that he doesn’t allow the slightest hint of dissent on his blog. This means that, if you have your own blog, you can say the things that he won’t allow you to say on his.

    On the previous post I was going to say that he was describing a perpetual motion machine but several people beat me to it.

  5. A Ragging on Ritchie book would be good, perhaps a chapter per theme. E.g.
    Ignorance of tax
    Ignorance of economics
    Falling out with people

  6. I can’t see the novel…

    Sage³ isn’t distinctive enough to make an (interesting) antagonist, and as a trope he’d be utterly boring.

    You simply don’t make novels of “Guard (stage left)”.
    There’s been some literary effort, but….

  7. I’m a bit of a ‘Ragging on Ritchie’-sceptic. We already know that he’s always wrong, deeply malicious and probably off his rocker, but multiple posts are a bit wearying. Save it for the more hilarious examples of his idiocy…

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