Oooooh, Yes, Please!

Let me turn to the search for a new chair for the FRC. The comment I gave the FT was:

The new chair of the FRC has to combine an understanding of accounting as it is, comprehension of accounting as it should be if it is to properly serve society and the ability to reconcile the two in the interests of all the stakeholders of the accounting process. Without the focus on society, they will fail to deliver the change that’s now needed.

That got translated as:

Richard Murphy, accounting professor at Sheffield university, said the new chair would fail to deliver the changes needed unless they focused on the accounting industry’s impact on wider society.

I have two questions.

The first is, what chance someone meeting that spec will be appointed?

Second, should I apply? Is it time to stop moaning that the right people don’t get the jobs and apply for one?

Wouldn’t it be so much fun if he actually got appointed?

8 thoughts on “Oooooh, Yes, Please!”

  1. Inevitably, Murphy’s ringpiece gets a good old rimming from Pilgrim Slight Return

    “But you are bit of a polymath aren’t you because you have a keen eye for how it all joins up, so you might feel constrained with just accounting?”

  2. He wouldn’t get the role, but if he did there would be two possible outcomes. He either falls out with everyone in the first month and leaves/is asked to leave, or his output is such gibberish he’ll be sidelined and moved on. I suspect the former, and he’d play the victim for all he’s worth.

  3. @Bravefart , I didn’t realise that “you are a bit of a polymath” meant he knows fuck all about a whole range of topics he pontificates about. It’s about time PSR and Spud got a room.

  4. That oddball Pilgrim is also suggesting he should be head of Bank of England and head of FCA. Surely Pilgrim is an elaborate troll?

  5. In other words, the interests of the people who invest will be subjugated to the people who need. Look out for an investment vehicle that employs him

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