The Arts Council of Wales is “systemically racist”, according to a report it commissioned itself, which says Welsh language requirements exclude minorities.

Revolutions do end up eating themselves, don’t they?

10 thoughts on “Ouroboros”

  1. Lol. I seem to remember that at the last Census (2011), Wales was still 96% White British. Surely in this day and age, this is unacceptable?

  2. Marxist ordure which wil have cost the taxpayer a bob or to. In exchange for reams of crazy Marxist shite.

    These apparatchiks need a call from lots of nasty blokes armed with pick axe handles. That would make their next meeting both very lively and their last even if injuries are kept non-fatal.

    Good as that would be it is unlikely to happen. So a bill for each of the morons responsible.Charging him/her with their share of the cost of this report. And all the other expensive antics we know they will have been up to without the publicity of this particular caper.

    Not as good as a bashing but should shut them down. Better still don’t have any sort of arts or anything else Council in the first place

  3. according to a report it commissioned itself

    I like this kind of thing very much. An organisation apparently so out of touch with what it exists to do and how it does it needs an external audit to establish its degree of worthiness and takes as a starting point that it will be found wanting.

    The report by the Welsh Arts Anti-Racist Union states that a feeling of exclusion “links to the concept of ‘Welshness’ all together, which often disregards black and non-black people of colour as the ‘other’ – there is a notion that if you are not white, you cannot be Welsh”

    Thank goodness for the Welsh Arts Anti-Racist Union but I do worry about where they will turn for their next gig.

  4. We could always suggest English to be more inclusive. It will upset a few Welsh but only because they understand it.

  5. . . . Welsh language requirements exclude minorities.

    Thirty, forty years ago Ecksy’s pickaxe wielders might have been the Welsh Nats.

  6. PJF–The Moving Finger having writ moves on and the pickaxe handle ever changes hands.

    My thought is that is time for the ordinary people of the UK to have their go.

  7. A partial solution would be for Priti Patel’s many thousands of Afghan immigrants to all be sent to live in Wales.

    It’s win/win.

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