Pot, kettle

I also have a history with Cambridge Econometrics. I was a director there until 2019 when the Board decided to appoint Andrew Sentance, very much against my recommendation. They asked me to work with him. I met him once and quit that evening. Sometimes you don’t have to try something to know it is a really bad idea, and Andrew Sentance’s ideas are really bad, and based on what I might call flakey economics at best, with a considerable dash of right-wing rhetoric added in. What Cambridge Ecoomnetrics saw in him I still don’t know, and in that context, I think Danny’s reasoning and questioning as to whether he was representing their views, and was being promoted to do so on behalf of their client base was quite fair. I also think the extrapolation to make the request generic was appropriate. It is wholly appropriate that economists be held to account for the interests that they represent. Other professions are required to do so. Why not economists?

I do disclose my interests and funding. I have always sought to do so.

The response from Andrew Sentance was to block us both.

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  1. If Andrew Sentance’s ideas are so obviously bad, why couldn’t Murphy just point this out in board discussions?
    Answers on a postage stamp, please

  2. “Andrew Sentance, CBE (born 1958) is a British business economist. He is currently Senior Adviser to Cambridge Econometrics. From November 2011 until October 2018, he was Senior Economic Adviser to PwC. He was an external member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England from October 2006 to May 2011.”

    Just going by his career, I can see why His Sageacity would huff and puff and ragequit. The guy actually has actually had one, in Places.
    No idea if he was any good… But certainly capable of exposing the Elyan Oracle for the fraud that he is..

  3. Love this exchange! https://twitter.com/asentance/status/1297155198058668032

    Completely and utterly wrong as usual Andrew. Read some modern monetary theory, for heaven’s sake. And maybe try to think like a macroeconomist and not a microeconomist pretending to do macro sometime.

    Andrew Sentance
    22 Aug 2020
    As I have been studying economics and plying my trade as an economist for over 45 years, it is a bit rich for a tax accountant to claim I do not understand my subject!

    Richard Murphy
    Wow, that’s going low Andrew. And you know it. You’ll be trolling with Tim Wotstall next

    They used to spar on Twitter reasonably regularly by the looks of it.

  4. I remember during his last year on the Monetary Policy Committee he was referred to as ‘Death’ Sentance, as he recommended raising interest rates at every meeting.

  5. What on earth was this place Cambridge Econometrics thinking have the LHTD as a board member? Having looked at their site, it’s a fairly shonky place producing nonsense about green stuff, but even so, to have the Murphmeister on board is shocking.

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