Seems a bit of a pity

A pioneering British scientist renowned for his work on reversing the effects of aging has been suspended by his California company over sexual harassment allegations.

Aubrey de Grey, one of the world’s leading gerontologists, was put on administrative leave by SENS Research Foundation in Silicon Valley pending the outcome of an investigation into the women’s claims.

London-born Mr de Grey, who serves as the chief science officer at SENS, has been accused by several women of predatory behaviour.

So, maybe, lots of sex with young women isn’t actually the solution to anti-ageing.

Bit of a pity perhaps. Or maybe that’s what he thought it was and it does work? Which would also be a pity sa it would increase the power that young women hold over older men. Not a good idea from this starting point.

The actual story though is a little different:

Celine Halioua, 26, the founder and CEO of Loyal, a biotech startup developing drugs to help dogs live longer, posted online about encounters she had had with Mr de Grey.

Ms Halioua, who had been an intern at SENS Research Foundation at the time in 2016, alleged that company executives exploited her youth and attractiveness to solicit funds from donors.

Ms Halioua described a dinner in which Mr de Grey, 58, allegedly told her that she had a responsibility to have sex with the SENS donors in attendance so they would give money to the organisation.

“I left that dinner sobbing,” she wrote. “It has taken me years to shake the deep-seated belief that I only got to where I am due to older men wanting to have sex with me.”

That might be overrating yourself there a tad.

As to the actual allegation, if de Grey was asking, let alone insisting upon, such “work” then he’s a foul beast. And yet there’s a certain naivety there if a young woman doesn’t know that youth, looks and fertility are indeed, in our species, saleable assets. Which will indeed influence life chances. One only has to look at the ages, physique and facial features of women in any form of entertainment role to grasp that.

Of course, if de Grey really wanted those services he should have hired people specifically for those services. As BiS keeps pointing out there’s a significant supply of those willing to do such work.

7 thoughts on “Seems a bit of a pity”

  1. Vanity based Me Too cockrot.

    De Grey obviously hasn’t tried to fuck her himself otherwise that would be the claim. So she cant make that one fly even with the lax standards of “proof” marx-femmi scum require. Which is merely the absence of any possible refutation of the lies.

    But we are supposed to think that a very intelligent man like De Grey wants to pimp out a rather ordinary young woman for cash. If it were true–which I have no doubt it is not–it would say little for his brainpower. It also both upsets and massages her ego, Upsets because he does want her for himself and thinks of her as a brass who he can whore for cash–but isn’t good enough for De Grey himself. Massages her ego with the knowledge that she thinks she is attractive enough to have rich men pay out huge sums for the dubious benefit of shoving their tube up hers. Insulting but ego-boosting for her at the same time.

    I don’t believe this bullshit for 1 second. Perhaps there has been a relationship between them gone sour though I doubt it or he would have been charged with diddling or trying to diddle her. Perhaps she wanted one and he was too wise. Or maybe her real grievance is something else entirely but she knows sex-shite is the only way she can make him suffer. Indeed her tripe has had him suspended and probably wrecked his career.

    That is the true evil–you don’t have to have had your hands within 3 feet of her or your dick and your life can be ruined by some female’s bad breath.

    De Grey was a leading light in Life Extension . At one time the idea of Timothy Leary–SMI2LE–was something I had great hopes for. Space Migration Intelligence Increase Life Extension was a shining vision in my youth. From the perspective of 1980 I thought we would be a ways down that road by 2020.

    Instead we have a corrupt West full of dim credulous morons on the cusp of an eternal Techno-Tyranny takeover by vile Globo Elite evil. Everything is hollowed out by Marxist scum and mass intelligence increase would be needed to give the average human a moronic level of brainpower. Old age does bring disappointment and disillusion but this present situation has the worst prospects ever. And most mugs cant even seem to care.

    Anyway bollocks to this lying female. The penalty for such women should be severe.

  2. Did she resign immediately no she did not. Did she slap the bounder or knee him in the family jewels no she did not. At the reported time of the offence she does not appear to have been overly traumatised. In fact they probably had a good laugh over it.

  3. I can’t read the article as the Terriblegraph seems to have axed my free sub. Oh well, it was overpriced at that.

    So are there no other accusers? Because her claim sounds like bollocks. It happened five years ago, but only gets mentioned now. And presumably her not shagging potential donors didn’t cause her any problems?

    De Gray does look like the sort of on-the-spectrum beardie who might make a terrible joke – “You’re really charming these donors, well done! Imagine how much we’ll get when you start sleeping with them.” – but otherwise it sounds like a crock.

  4. Ah yes, another woman with a biotech start-up to promote says he sent her an inappropriate email. Once.

    Deming described an encounter she had a decade ago with de Grey, in which he told her over email that he had an “adventurous love life,” and expressed a suppressed desire to talk about it with her.

    There appear to be no other claimants. I’m going with utter horseshit.

    What pisses me off is that these stupid narcissists conflate their minor inconveniences with actual rape and sexual assault.

  5. another woman with a biotech start-up to promote

    another start-up¹
    1) developing drugs to help dogs live longer

  6. “What pisses me off is that these stupid narcissists conflate their minor inconveniences with actual rape and sexual assault.”

    The same thing is true of allegations of ‘racism’.

    Professional race-baiters deliberately conflate someone making a stupid joke in a tweet with blacks being lynched in 1870s Alabama under the heading of ‘racism’, as if there were any possible equivalence between the two.

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