Alex was about three years old when she began to correct her mother if she called her a boy. “I’d try to encourage her good behaviour, as any parent does, by saying things like ‘good boy’,” Kate explained. “She began to reply, ‘No. Good girl.’”

We don’t listen to three year olds about mashed carrot nor bedtime so why we’d think they understand sex or gender I’ve no idea at all.

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  1. At that age, I tried to convince my elders I was a pony. Will the intersectionalists be introducing that as a recognised category?

  2. My 4-year old son wanted to be a girl yesterday after I told him that we should always treat females better. It lasted for about 15 min

  3. Ljh,

    They sort of already have. There is a Pony Pride Flag, though it’s not quite about quadrupeds of the species Equus.

  4. … having an assigned male child

    Ok, let me stop you right there sweetie. No-one is ‘assigned’ their sex; it is observed at birth and duly recorded by medical staff.

  5. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    And what is the probability of this?

    In May 2019, a case was referred to the high court in which social workers for Lancashire county council had sought orders against the parents of two trans children to take the children into care. Social services were alerted when H, the couple’s three-year-old foster child, born male, had gone into school presenting as a girl. H’s apparent transition alarmed social workers, in particular because the couple’s biological child – R, seven and also born male – had also transitioned to live as a girl.

  6. @Allthegoodnamesaretaken – That should happen more often. I would rarely encourage children being taken into care, but parents who encourage this tranny madness are abusers as much as those who beat or molest their children.

  7. At this stage, the trans lobby (or rather, the tiny, insignificant percentage of it behind this) is starting to look like a dangerous cult akin to the Branch Davidians or Scientologists…

  8. I think the characteristic of any totalitarian movement is that it targets the very young and impressionable and the Trans Lobby has to be arguably the most intolerant I have ever seen in public life. The Taliban don’t come close. I agree this is on the face of it ludicrous but it speaks volumes about how this highly pernicious ideology has official sanction from large swathes of society.

  9. Trans -tripe is only the latest boil thrown up on the body politic now infected unto death by Marxism.

    Do you see now why the Purge is essential?

  10. @Van_Patten It’s not ludicrous at all. The Taliban are no worse, and no different, than some of the stricter protestant and catholic divisions. And more than quite a few of them have created little enclaves all over the world where their notions of propriety are the rule, and you’d better not step out of line ..

    It would be so nice if people let kids be just kids, and let puberty sort them out.

  11. @Lurker “As we all knew would come there are trans-species now. Some kids never grow up”

    Quite right too. 🙂

  12. Eunuchs were common in Ancient Rome, so not a big deal.

    By the way, whatever happened to that civilization? It’s been a while since I’ve heard Latin outside of church.

  13. ” Eunuchs were common in Ancient Rome, ”

    Not so much the Romans really, more an Ottoman or Chinese Empire sort of thing.

  14. @Jonathan

    I think poireirj is talking about the Eastern Roman empire, AKA Byzantium. Which did follow the whole eunuch civil service policy. They did exist in the western Roman Empire, but not as court functionaries.,_Rome_and_Byzantium

    Amusingly there was a Latin radio news service (produced by the Finns), but it closed in 2019

    There are others in Germany, Italy and the Vatican

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