So, where you gonna start, Matey?

Authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan will begin testing its entire population, after a handful of positive coronavirus cases were detected there.

At the wet market or the lab?

6 thoughts on “So, where you gonna start, Matey?”

  1. Using the same shite tests we know don’t work except to massively exaggerate figures and allow political scum to cause panic among dim cowardly mugs?

    Round 2 kicking off perhaps? CCP move to get western marx -controlled political scum to suicide their already circling the drain countries?

    More important than ever that any LD/mask-monkey attempts are ignored and defeated this winter or we can expect full on tyranny.

  2. It’s about time we (and the rest of the world) started demanding reparations from the CCP.

    There should be enough capital in this country controlled by, or owned by those closely linked to, the CCP that can be nationalised (ie confiscated) and then sold on the open market to help pay for the damage they caused.

    The entertainment value of watching lefties try to work out whether or how to oppose nationalisations would also be highly amusing.

  3. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Of course it’s primarily a propaganda op, whether the “cases” are real or fabricated. Question is, why do they want to publicise this information now?

    What’s their vaccination rate? Probably as high as it is going to get in Wuhan. Are they telling anyone?

    It is quite astonishing just how little dissident information gets out of China. Or does it get out of China only to not be published by the western press?

  4. Surely we are saving big bucks on state pensions with all those oldies who have snuffed it … so we can afford a huge pay rise for MPs.

  5. Witchie, I think the MP’s would argue that they didn’t want all those poor old dears to die. So in addition to their getting all the money that would have been wasted on the oldies, the vile plebs who didn’t lockdown, isolate and vaccinate owe them another even huger rise in pay.

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