Solved – Ed Davey really is an idiot

New listings of fossil fuel companies would be immediately banned on the London Stock Exchange as part of a proposal by the Liberal Democrats that the party says could help the UK become a leader in tackling the climate emergency.

Under the plan outlined to the Guardian by the Lib Dem leader, Ed Davey, another immediate policy would be to stop new bonds being issued in London to finance oil, coal or gas exploration.

Fossil fuel firms already listed in the UK would then have two years to produce a coherent plan about how they would reach net zero emissions by 2045, or risk being struck off the LSE.

In the longer term, pension funds would have to disinvest from fossil fuels by 2035, with all companies with fossil fuel assets removed from the exchange by 2045.

So it’s not on an exchange (as the bonds usually aren’t). This will lower the price by excluding the small investor. All the more money for private equity to make then.

10 thoughts on “Solved – Ed Davey really is an idiot”

  1. Time is coming when we all will have to start ignoring the states bullshit decrees and doing as we like in line with the golden rule . Because otherwise these dicks will destroy us.

    Bogus J now blowing that 1000 deaths a week from convid =return of LDs/masks etc. All planned all along and all part of his winter campaign to force vax pass as step 1 of UK social credit tyranny.

    No 1000 weekly deaths from con-vid -just same old scam of old/ill dying and being labelled as con-vid. Not even an original scam just new buzz words like “delta” that they cant even test for.

    I think this winter is make or break. If the Fat Cunt gets social credit off to a start there is only one way and that is down.

  2. He really doesn’t get it, does he? The LSE is a convenience not a necessity. Prevent trading on the LSE, it’ll happen somewhere else

  3. Vive the Dark Web! If Ed Davey and Boris Nut Nut get their way, pension funds will be investing in the Dark Web and Spud will be losing his rag about tax. But then again, would 100% tax rates be enough for him?

  4. 2045? So I guess all those commitments to net zero by 2050 (worthless as they are) are out the window then.

    This time next year it will be last year.

  5. “another immediate policy would be to stop new bonds being issued in London to finance oil, coal or gas exploration.”

    And companies involved in oil, coal, and gas exploration are exclusively dependent on UK financing how exactly?

  6. Dennis, Polishing The Ol' Crystal Ball

    Thank God Ed Davey is a wog, otherwise Joe Biden would be nominating him to be Treasury Secretary.

  7. Just looked it up. CO2 emissions for 2020 (last full year) China 31.1%, UK a bit under 1%. Coal: UK 0.1% China 54.4% of world total.
    The UK is so insignificant as to constitute a rounding error.
    If Ed Davey did his homweork he would know this.

  8. John77 @6.48,
    Ed Davey does know this, as do all the other nutters on this particular gravy train, but they have their agenda and a little thing like reality is not going to stop them.

  9. These ideas would do precisely zero towards the idiotic goals this nut proposes. Good for him, though, that he thinks driving companies off the exchange(s) will further his ideas. The number of companies publicly listed in the USA has been falling for a couple decades because companies do not care to put up with the rules, laws, regulations and interpretations of regulators. Much to the chagrin of those same regulators.

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