Some might be just that touch too extreme

An Australian council fearful of the spread of coronavirus has sparked outrage after shooting dead a number of rescue dogs to stop volunteers at an animal shelter travelling to pick them up.

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  1. The competition is between the states that like to enact more and more restrictions, and then blame the Commonwealth government for their actions. And for not giving them lots and lots and lots of money to pay for it all.

  2. I have been totally shocked by the actions of the Aussies over the last 18 months but the video of the young girl being arrested for not wearing a mask is just plain evil.
    I never expected the authorities to be so heavy handed and draconian (where did ‘no worries mate’ go?) and never expected the peeps to accept it and kowtow so easily.

    A quote from another blog: “It’s not that so many Australians are descended from convicts, it’s that so many are descended from prison officers”.

  3. They’ve been “a touch too extreme” for over a year. But this might just be what was needed for the middle-class to turn against them.

  4. Oz and NZ are in panic mode now as the medieval walled city approach is breaking down and the barbarians have breached the sally port. They should have got on with vaccination as soon as it became possible but they have cocked that up badly.

  5. Meanwhile, Taiwan impounds 150 smuggled pedigree cats and kills them all ‘for safety’.

    Almost makes DEFRA’s determination to terminate one camelid look positively normal…

  6. I visited Australia for the first time about a decade ago and found far more “be careful” and “you can’t do that” than “no worries mate”. It doesn’t really surprise me that it has slipped into police state territory. The twat who runs Victoria and his police force are particularly appalling.

    Perhaps they will go a step further than the UK and start shooting the elderly in case their families try to visit.

    The combination of isolation, zero COVID and low vaccination is deranged, but it is not only Australia which is guilty. Singapore is about the only APAC nation to even talk sensibly about a way out of this (although they’ve not quite started yet) and to admit that COVID is here to stay and some people will die every year, like they do from flu.

  7. The twat who runs Victoria and his police force are particularly appalling.

    Perhaps they will go a step further than the UK and start shooting the elderly in case their families try to visit.

    Weren’t they practising with rubber bullets at the weekend – on those out having a leisurely stroll in protest at all this nonsense?

  8. One blessing of New Zealand’s self-defeating isolationism and low vaccination rate is that it has provided a testing ground for Valneva’s traditional Covid vaccine made from the dead virus, rather than this appalling and dangerous untested gene therapy they’re trying to force on everyone. With production already underway and 100 million doses ordered for the UK, that’s probably the one to go for when it becomes available in a few months.

  9. Apparently the government of Western Australia is much less hysterical about Covid.

    Is NZ making a big effort to protect its “brand” of being healthy, pure, green, and eco-conscious? In other words, is the neurotic-looking bint in charge being a bit less irrational than she’s painted to be?

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Aus an NZ have painted themselves in to a zero Covid corner. Vaccination isn’t a route out unless their politicians are going to publicly accept that they were wrong to claim that any Covid deaths are unacceptable and we know that won’t happen.

    The one silver lining is that we can point to them whenever someone here claims we should have had a zero Covid policy and closed the country.

  11. As I’m sure BiND and other readers on here are well aware, ‘closing the country’ is (just about) an option for NZ and Aus, being self-sufficient in most crucial items (particularly food). Doing the same thing in the UK would mean literal starvation within a month – there are getting on for 100,000 lorries a day crossing the channel, and their drivers are not going into quarantine.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset


    Yes, that’s the main argument but for some reason doesn’t cut it with te zero Covid crowd, probably because there’s a huge overlap with the “degrowth” and self sufficincy crowd.

    Meanwhile, I don’t know where to start with this one:

    COVID-19 quarantine signage must now be placed on the front doors of homes in South Australia where occupants are isolating for two weeks.

  13. I am in lockdown in the South Island of New Zealand, because some people hundreds of kilometres away and on a different island have brought the bug back with them from Australia. What makes it more farcical is that the virus spread from the quarantine facility to people passing by on their way to a vaccination facility which is housed in the same place. The Wonder Woman and her gang have no game plan or what the way out of this mess is.

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