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Before applying at Mars, Wells had worked in food service, earning $13 an hour. She saw Mars as a step up since it paid $15.50 and promised steady work, unlike the food business during the pandemic. But it didn’t quite work out that way. For some weeks, when she missed a day or when the packers filled their quotas and got sent home early, she barely took home $300 a week.

We’re not told what her regular hours were. So, we don’t know what it should be at $15.50 an hour for a week’s work.

But note something else. The switch is made from the pre-tax wage per hour to the post tax take home pay. And yes, income tax would be paid on a full time $15.50 an hour job – the standard deduction is at about $6 an hour for full time work. Oh, and FICA must be paid from $0.01 cents of earnings.

Tsk, eh?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Even though Staffmark expected her to show up at Mars every day, she never stopped being classified as a temporary worker. She received no health care, no retirement savings, and no paid sick or vacation time.

    My guess is that there’s going on with the rule about >30 hours qualifying for Obamacare. If your $6 duedution is about right:

    30 x 9.5 = $285

    So she’s hovering around that limit.

  2. “She received no health care, no retirement savings, and no paid sick or vacation time.”

    Sales desk over there —–>>> points at interwebs. You want it? You buy it.

  3. So she got more than $75 net per day for a four-day week. Pay $15.50 less $6 tax less FICA so $9-9.50 ish net. Eight hours a day @ $9-9.50ish gives about $72-76. $304 is “barely $300”
    £54 net a day isn’t poverty level

  4. The total deductions would be less than $2.50 on $15.50 – not $6. That includes taxes, FICA, and Medicare deductions.

  5. she never stopped being classified as a temporary worker.

    And out here there is not such thing as a ‘temporary’ worker. You’re either a contractor or an employee. Employees can be full or part time. They’re ‘temporary’ in the sense that you can be let go at any time because we have ‘at-will’ employment – and you can, of course, *leave* the job at any time too.

  6. This [subcontracting] enabled companies like Walmart to deny responsibility for injuries, for which they’d otherwise be liable.

    Surely the warehouse occupier is liable? If I visit a client or supplier site and something happens to me, the liability falls to the site occupier.

  7. Andrew M

    If not there, it would fall on the temp employer – they’ll be the ones providing the Workman’s Comp insurance.

  8. “The” problem? The bint is stupid for confusing a true Temp Job you do while looking for something better with an actual career.

    And if she kept at it that long in a temp environment and still hadn’t made “line supervisor” or “trainee instructor”, something tells me she just may have been …less than desireable… as a worker/employee.
    More than a hunch, really, given the Boo-Hoo in the article.

  9. Just to clarify US taxes.

    Payroll/FICA (Social Security & Medicare) would be levied on wage earnings at 7.65%. So if a worker worked a 2,000 hour year at $15.50 per hour, gross income would be $31,000 with $2,371.50 FICA tax withheld. FICA is really the main tax paid by lower income people in the US.

    For Federal income tax, the Standard Deduction for a single filer is $12,550 – that is the annual amount (0% tax rate), and is not pro-rated weekly/monthly or anything like that. The next ~$10,000 of earnings is taxed at 10%. The next ~$30,000 is taxed at 12%. So, if the gross was $31,000, roughly $2,000 in federal tax would be owed. FWIW, if she has one kid, that’s a $3,000 credit, so she’d get a net $1,000 federal income tax refund. For younger kids, the credit is $3,600 each. A married couple with 3 or 4 kids could earn $100k, and pay no federal income tax, while still qualifying for free ACA healthcare.

    AFAIK, employers with >50 full-time employees (full-time = >30 hours per week) have to provide various benefits. Shockingly, employers choose to stay below the 50/30 thresholds.

  10. Re: US Taxes.

    She’s in Illinois. Anyone know what if any state income taxes there are? I suspect that for Illinois (since it contains Chicago) this amount is non-zero.

  11. Flat 5% in Illinois. The Dems tried their best to amend the state constitution last election to bring in a progressive rate – which will only affect the rich, honest! – but even Illnois voters aren’t *that* stupid.

  12. Based on Agammammon and Henry’s corrections, she’s working 6 hours a day (when she turns up and works a full day) for a little over $75 after tax.
    And she isn’t entitled to various benefits because she is working part-time.
    She can afford to drive a car.
    She occasionally doesn’t go to work; she’s got no savings – are the two related?

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