Sturgeon Moon?

Now there’s a vision I need mind bleach over. Nicola hanging out, or partially so, the window of a passing Saltired vehicle?

August’s Sturgeon Moon: when it will peak in the UK and full moon dates for 2021
Full moons illuminate the sky every month – but why do they have different names and when will August’s Sturgeon moon peak?

And there’s something about our society today. Something different from the First Minister giving us all a flash. This past year or two has me noting an distinct increase in newspaper pieces about this Moon and that Moon. Red, Sturgeon as here, Harvest no doubt and others I can’t be bothered to look up nor remember.

So, why? Blame Google. Or, at least, blame people writing for Google.

Google does indeed drive traffic to a website, traffic means showing advertising to readers, advertising means money. So, write a piece that gains position for something people search for in Google and CASH!

Just as an example, when I was at Forbes I was paid on traffic. I did a piece about Henry Ford and his $5 a day wages. For years it bounced between first and third result for “Henry Ford $5 a day”. That’s not a query that brought hundreds of thousands of readers at any one time but 4 years after I wrote it it was still paying me (after Forbes had their cut) 50 or 60 cents a day. Yes, I know, not great riches. But a portfolio of such pieces does make a difference to income.

Or, as with these Moon things. Find something that people are going to look up. All these different names for phases of the Moon. Write a piece on a website with a decent Google position and watch the traffic roll in. Sure, it’ll be only for a few days, a week. But the traffic volume will be such that it’ll be at the very least a nice addition to the overall. And near certainly worth more in revenue than the $100 paid to the person who wrote it.

That is, these Moon pieces are written to capture Google traffic. We can see the influence of the internet on journalism in the very headlines and story selections themselves.

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  1. Not sure if the bots scan the comments but I’ll add Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, Elizabeth Hurley, Love island, and I’m a Celebrity to the Moon (blood moon, supermoon, micromoon, wolf moon, harvest moon, blue moon, black moon).

    Every little helps.

    (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Store Finder, Garden Centre, Penis Enlargement . . .)

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