That’s sorted then

Some things need to be noted, and Charlie Watts’ death is one of them.

Now that the Sage³ has done so we can all agree that it actually happened, no?

5 thoughts on “That’s sorted then”

  1. Lennon’s death was notable because it was an assassination. Watts, Harrison, … nope; just old or ill people dying. It’s coming to us all, you know. Dylan will die, and McCartney, and on and on.

  2. Staggeringly, the Stones video that Murphy posts as a tribute does not have a single frame of Charlie in it (that I could see).

  3. I’m slightly surprised that Murphy has heard of the Stones. Or at least that he knows who the band members are.

  4. And when the rest of the world’s population dies, there will be Keith Richards asking, “Where is everybody”?

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