There does come that point, yes

Hungary could reassess its membership of the European Union by the end of the decade, according to the country’s finance minister.

Mihály Varga warned Hungary may rethink its position once it becomes a net contributor to the EU’s budget, reigniting the debate ahead of the country’s elections next year.

“When we calculate that we will already be net contributors to the EU, the issue could get a new perspective,” said Mr Varga, one of the more moderate members of Viktor Orban’s cabinet, in an interview with Hungarian media. “Especially if the attacks in Brussels are continuous because of the choice of values.”

Although it’s the values that have always been important in my opposition.

No, not over Teh Gays or whatever. But the ability of a group of folks to decide how that group of folks is going to live. Rather than being subject to some unelected technocracy x hundred or y thousand miles away.

But if having to actually pay for it leads to the rethink then bring on the rethink.

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  1. Excellent trolling. The EU is so weak that the Krauts have to both bribe and bully their way to domination. Hungary knows this so can boast that it intends to stay in, ignoring the rules, only as long as the money keeps rolling in. The EU can’t afford to lose another member, so is not in a position to bully Hungary any longer.

    Surely other small nations will take note?

  2. It is wanker talk. If EU membership means they still do as they like anyway the EU is through already. If the EU can force anything on them still then talk of a decade hence is just empty bullshit. EU grew by giving freeloaders UK and Kraut cash. They will still get our billions Treason May “negotiated” to piss away. Though thanks to Blojob J it will be printed funny money.

    EU is just noise in the globo “elite” “build tyranny back better” bullshit. Still glad we beat the fuckers.

  3. Confirms it. Smaller/poorer Countries joined the EU to get their begging bowls filled. Once they stop being charity receivers and become donors, time to go.

  4. Talking of Krauts, “being subject to some unelected technocracy x hundred or y thousand miles away” was what Luther and his chums objected to. It’s different, apparently, if the unelected whatsit is German.

    To change the subject, how good are the armed forces of Poland, Hungary, etc? I mean, are they good enough to smash the rather pathetic armed forces of Germany. That would be a hoot, eh?

  5. I am seriously considering moving to a Visegrad country, they seem to be very well run places, although the Czechs made a mistake by not electing Schwarzenberg as their President ( I used to travel frequently in Cz when I lived in Austria, the roads were a bit dodgy but the shops were always excellent) and I really enjoyed Budapest when I was last there.

  6. Hungary could reassess its membership of the European Union by the end of the decade, according to the country’s finance minister.

    The chancers at Fidesz aka Hungarian Civic Alliance are pretty good at squeezing the economic and political juice out of the EU. They are populists as far as things go and do what is popular to the Hungarian public at large. Treating the EU with a certain level of contempt is popular therefore Fidesz treats the EU with a certain level of contempt.

    The Germans are all like “…but the rules!” and Fidesz are like “Phuq your rules”. It’s an amusing game to watch from the other side of the continent when we are no longer forced to keep funding this shite.

    If BRExit hadn’t happened, I doubt that Hungary would be quite so “in your face”, but the EU is weakened and they know that now is not the time to lose another EU member state, so expect the Hungarian contempt and EU protests to continue without any genuine sanction on either side.

    Fidesz will keep milking the EU as long as there are benefits in doing so and the trump card of a Hungarian referendum on EU membership will probably keep the EU in line for a while yet. I think it is more likely that the EU will collapse (or reduce to a core rump of Western countries and a customs union of trading partners) before the Hungarians pull the plug.

    It’s the threat of action rather than the reality which empowers the grift and Fidesz knows that.

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