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This is a surprise, isn’t it?

Presumably because I dropped a little reality into his latest tweetstorm about the fiscal multiplier etc. Of course, he’s trying to open a conversation about such things but conversations shouldn’t include reality now, should they?

8 thoughts on “This is a surprise, isn’t it?”

  1. Don’t need an account to read, copy, and add to the long list of articles here.
    With the added bonus of waving this in his pudgy face when he complains about it.

    And what Dennis said.. 😉

  2. As Gilkrath said: I don’t “do” Twatter, but don’t you have to log on in order for somebody to stop that account from seeing their posts? If you don’t log on how do they know you’re reading their posts so they can stop you?

  3. What Gilkrath and jgh said. I don’t have a twatter account, but I can see posts and link and insert them into my blog for discussion if I want to and there’s nothing they can do about it.

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