This is just entirely glorious

Inability to run a pissup in a brewery.

These are the people, don’t forget, who would have us change global capitalism to their desired model. Who would tell us how every corporation should be managed.

And they can’t actually manage half a dozen tossers writing campaign documents.

This is the chairman of the board of the company don’t forget. Shouting that the CEO is being beastly, paying himself too much, not putting the work in and not having a long term strategy.

The correct answer at this point is that the chairman fires the CEO. That’s what the position is there for after all.

Managed to let that get away from you? Hired the wrong bloke even?

And on this basis of your demonstrated inability to run a pissup in a brewery then we’re supposed to enforce your management ideas on all of capitalism?

9 thoughts on “This is just entirely glorious”

  1. This chap seems to show symptoms of covidity:

    1) In its initial variant…

    I’m afraid that that’s as far as I got.

    An “initial variant” is an oxymoron in much the same way as “tax justice”.

    Captain Potato, on the other hand, is ox-like and a moron.

  2. No “Firstly”, “Secondly”, etc. Shame.

    It reads las if he’s complaining that because there are more staff being paid more, there’s less for him to cream for himself in advisory payments.

    I do hope there’s a reply from the other side.

  3. “At no stage did the CEO take action to provide me with a safe working environment”

    Interesting that one of the original tax justice power couple is so thick skinned he’s impervious to any insults or negative comment, the other appears to be a bedwetting cissy.

  4. “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

    Of course some of them were never “great causes” to start with

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