This is simply glorious

The spate of resignations was the culmination of a bitter row about whether veganism – a word coined in 1944 by the society’s founder, Donald Watson – was actually cultural appropriation of foods and traditions from Africa and Asia. It even resulted in one resigning trustee accusing the society of being institutionally racist.

In the summer, the Vegan Society commissioned Ijeoma Omambala, QC, to investigate claims the then vice chair, Eshe Kiama Zuri, had posted racist comments online.

Victim poker:

Zuri’s resignation letter states they had been “naive” joining the council in 2019 as a “multiply marginalised trustee, being black, queer, disabled and working class” accusing the charity of being “institutionally racist”.

Probably the absence of lard in the diet that makes them all so mad.

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  1. I was bewildered by the apparent gibberish of the second sentence, but eventually figured out that Telegraph subs – Telegraph subs!, to modify Kinnochio – are grovelling to the quoted moron’s use of “they” as its pronoun. Placing “accusing the charity of being racist” where it is, rather than after “letter”, just compounds the felony. To the non-vegan lions with them, now!

  2. One could argue that Zuri’s ability to write a letter was cultural appropriation. Of course he could boot back by saying so was his joining a mob of ratbag vegans.

    Naturally I’d then point out that the Leopard Men were just a big a pack of idiots as the vegans.

  3. Vegans only go mad if they don’t culturally appropriate the weevils inevitable in stored grains and legumes which add vitB12 to the diet.

  4. Once again proof that any association of extremist nutters will tear itself apart over nonsense they themselves invented.

  5. I recently read the qi factoid that avocados aren’t vegan. avocado culture is reliant on bussing in large numbers of professional bees to do the pollination and honey famously isn’t vegan so difficult for a purist to deny it.

  6. Don’t beekeepers actually pay the bees for the honey with some kind of sugary alternative? I don’t think that the bees are really being exploited in any way. The argument against dairy products is that you need veal calves in order for cows to start producing milk, I don’t believe that this applies to bees.

  7. Yes but typically the pro bees have all sorts of things done to them by the mellifluist e.g clipping a queens wings- requeen regularly (kill the queen and replace) even artificial insem (yep by killing some drones) all in the name of greater productivity.

  8. Bloke in North Korea (Germany Province)

    Since you can turn basically any part of a veal calf into a schnitzel, and doing so is one of life’s great pleasures, who cares?

  9. Well yeah.. Except that all those practices are things the bees also do themselves…

    “Flighty” queens get their wings clipped by their “court”. If they don’t want to stay in the hive, the have makes sure she stays put.
    Requeening happens naturally when the queen gets older and the workers pick up on it, and start building queen cells.. When they hatch the resulting fights are not pretty and can leave a hive queenless = doomed.
    Drones are meant to be disposable. They kill themselves inseminating the queen. The rest either drops dead exhausted, or get killed by the workers if they hang around the hive. The artificial insemination just helps in not having to chase a bride flight all over the place. The fate of the drones is a given.

    Insects do very much not share human sentimentality. Especially those of vegans.

  10. @Chris Miller I love that link.. it’s got more factual inaccuracies and bald-faced lies per paragraph than even the Missives from Potato Central..

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