To which the correct response is the Anglo Saxon Wave

Children’s stories such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea are causing sexual harassment and rape because they reinforce “harmful” gender stereotypes, campaigners have claimed.

Zero Tolerance, an influential Scottish campaign group largely funded by taxpayers, highlighted Judith Kerr’s much-loved 1968 classic as an example of a “problematic” text due to its “old fashioned” portrayal of women and family dynamics.

The group’s co-director claimed on Monday that removing some books which feature gender stereotypes, such as housewives, female nurses or secretaries, from nurseries would be “a small price to pay for the lives of women”.

Rachel Adamson, co-director of Zero Tolerance, questioned why the tiger was male rather than female or gender-neutral, and highlighted the “old fashioned, stereotypical” ending in which the father comes home from work and “saves the day” by taking his family to a cafe.

Seriously Honey, fuck off.

Learn to make a sammich or something to give your life meaning would you?

19 thoughts on “To which the correct response is the Anglo Saxon Wave”

  1. A small group of Marxist agitators dangerous only because UK institutions now hollowed and full of Marxist scum. Purge those institutions and dim cunts can whine forever.

  2. “… campaign group largely funded by taxpayers… ”

    Why is taxpayers money being handed to a campaign group ?


  3. “.. an influential campaign group..”

    So the problem isn’t that are knuckle-draggingly stupid idiots out there; the problem is that there are apparently such in government. Else how could they be influential?

  4. Because a story about a female tiger with an eating disorder would be much less problematic and triggering!

  5. ….. and, in the bigger picture, the idiot would have a much bigger influence actually writing, publishing, and selling books of the nature she approves.

    Obviously, they’d be snapped up by the millions.

    Oh? She can’t write? Nobody wants such drivel?

    There y’go..

  6. Worth noting that the Terriblegraph does not allow comments on articles like these.

    The SNP might fund this one, but the UK government funds many similar pressure groups. Why does government fund groups like this? The only sensible conclusion is that this is what the government wants.

  7. Let’s reframe this – Nut jobs with nothing better to do decide to take aim at a well-loved book to make themselves feel special. A book written by a Jewish writer whose family left Germany in 1933 to avoid arrest by the Nazis. And now they want to suppress a book about a gormandising tiger because father comes home and takes his family out to tea.

    Feed them to the tiger.

  8. I hear property prices in Kabul are very competitive right now, and the new chappies in charge don’t put up with any of this kind of nonsense. Perhaps it’s time for a move…

  9. Maybe we could use tigers as an alternative to lions? There’s so much of this crap around we don’t want the lions getting fat.

  10. I’d have thought the most suspect thing is anthropomorpihising Tigers. I supect even young kids are in on what really happens when a tiger turns up and that’s part of the stories charm, but you know its only in the recent past that such kiddy stories have nice fluffy endings.

  11. There are certain clues that tell you how intelligent a person is…

    One is whether they understand that humans are not above animals, and also have primitive instincts that can cause uncivil behavior.

    Another is whether they understand that modern humans are no more intelligent or “liberal” than their ancestors.

    So many people on the left do not grasp these concepts.

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