Two possible responses here

Vaccine passports are less a threat to liberty than a mark of solidarity
David Robert Grimes

1) Solidarity with you, Matey?

2) We must check your papers for the Jew stamp to ensure solidarity with the Aryan Nation!

Actually, on that second one, I knew a whole bunch of guys who fell afoul of that. Soviet passports contained a “nationality” line of which “Jew” was one possible answer. When they graduated from programming school/university in Moscow all those with “Jew” on that line got offered jobs in godforsaken factories hundreds and hundreds of mile from anything like civilisation. Because, you know, can’t have such racial distinctions in passports without making use of them, right?

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  1. I don’t see why people are so up in arms about the requirement to show you’ve been vaccinated.
    A simple thing on your phone to show you’ve been jabbed and YOU will be allowed to travel, go into a pub, restaurant, club or concert. Everywhere in fact.
    You’ll know you are safe, surrounded by people you are comfortable with being near, who won’t do you harm and obviously think the same way you do.

    We can call it ‘VaxxAp’.

    Short for Vaccine Apartheid.

  2. As I was saying earlier – that’s the Asimovian future. You don’t apply for jobs, The Grand Overseeing System examines you and offers you jobs where it decides is most appropriate.

    To be honest though, that’s exactly the expectations I was brought up to expect in the 70s/80s. Society/School/Family/Whatever inculcated in me an expectation – no, not expectation, a knowledge of that-is-what-is-ness – that one worked hard at school, “something” would direct you to the correct university course, “something” would direct you into the correct employment. I waited years for that “something” to lay out the road in front of me to the “correct” destination, it was a shock to discover I’d been lied to for all my youth.

  3. The whole purpose of the vaccine passport is to punish the unvaccinated. As two years is a good run for a respiratory virus it should piss off next year anyway.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    As the fully vaccinated can become infected and pass on the virus to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated what’s the point? Other than more control, obviously.

  5. The Soviet Academy of Sciences had two headquarters in Leningrad/St Petersburg and in Novosibirsk. There was a surprisingly large number of Jews in Novosibirsk.

  6. The whole thing about the various vaccination apps/proofs isn’t as much about what use they have now, but what use the busybodies will find for them in the future, and will try to include in it.

    The moment they’ll strongly advice not to ditch the apps when WuFlu containment is given up on, you know they’re up to something.

  7. Of course, the best kind of solidarity is the kind that you are forced to display. And smile while you’re at it.

  8. @Grikath

    The moment they’ll strongly advice not to ditch the apps when WuFlu containment is given up on, you know they’re up to something.

    Pretty sure we already klow they’re up to something!

  9. When all you’ve got is a spade, you dig a deeper hole.

    A lot of scientists must be becoming aware that it’s all been a waste of time and money. But admitting that is too hard.

  10. Sod the “2 jabs”… What about those who’ve actually had the fucking disease and, by all known tenets of immunology, are at least as immune as the “vaccinated” if not more so? Won’t they be allowed to get a “social credit” score? Most unfair!

  11. Why the [email protected] does anyone mature feel the need for a ‘mark of solidarity’?

    It seems to broadcast the fact that you have no confidence in your own judgment and decisions and need external signs from many others to bolster your views.


  12. Yesterday I mentioned the useless cunts that the exam system doesn’t filter out.

    Dr Grimes:
    The libertarian argument fails on another level too – unvaccinated populations still pose a threat even to the vaccinated. Apart from the fact that vaccines do not have perfect efficacy, viruses mutate with reproduction. The unimmunised, in effect, constitute a mass of human petri dishes, where mutations endowed with capacity to evade the protection afforded by vaccination swiftly arise. The reduced effectiveness of vaccination against the Delta variant is a telling reminder of this reality.

    No, you fucking twat, it is precisely instituting mass (non-immunising) vaccinations during a coronavirus pandemic that gives rise to vaccine resistant mutations (as a Nobel Prize winning immunologist recently pointed out). How the fuck are vaccine resistant mutations going to arise more swiftly in unvaccinated populations? Is it a coincidence that the variants got going after the vaccination trials began?

    – Dr David Robert Grimes, a physicist and cancer researcher, is the author of The Irrational Ape: Why We Fall for Disinformation, Conspiracy Theory and Propaganda

    An irony restistant mutation.

  13. Why the [email protected] does anyone mature feel the need for a ‘mark of solidarity’?

    Idk, but it seems to be quite important to The Beast in that weird trippy bit at the end of the Bible.

    Historicism should be left in the past, but it’s certainly true that those we might charitably call NPCs are hungry for shibboleths to delineate themselves from the Bad People. (Y’know… you)

    If it wasn’t grandiose virtue twerking over the fakest and gayest pandemic in recorded history (St Vitus’ Dance and Bieber Fever were a lot more serious as a public health problem), it’d be their ridiculous religion of worshipping drug-crazed black criminals, or the cult of the Swedish mongo-child.

    This being the Planet of the Clowns, we get all three, natch.

    As ever, the mature and considerate response is FUCK YOU. LIONS. But take care with that full stop, because we want to be friends with the big kitties and not turn it into some kind of sick Brussels bureaucrat orgy.

  14. If anyone thinks that vaccine passports won’t be used for anything else, I refer you to the sad tale of the Social Security Number here in the US. TPTB swore that the number would only be used for the retirement system. Now it is the key for hackers to unlock your life.

  15. Have you lads been drinking mug juice or what?

    “The vax pass will piss off in 2 years” –absolute cockrot. It is here to stay as step 1 of CCP-style social credit tyranny.

    1st you will take what crap they tell you to take. 3rd booster jab for sure and winter flu jab–which I understand is also a gene re-writer from now on.

    Blojob J has bought enough vax for 7 needle rapes of everybody in UK. It is perishable so it wont be one a year–maybe 1 a quarter for a year. Cant waste the shite and what can you mugs do? Miss a single jab and you don the yellow star.

    So that is another 6 chances to kill you or fuck you up. Not counting the interactions or the cumulative effect of all the shite. I think almost certainly even if you are not dead or fucked up openly then your immune system will be dependant on vax shite to work anything like normally. Which means if you go cold turkey you will likely be made v ill by germs your immune system would roust quite easily now.

    Thus failure to kiss Johnsons arse not only has all doors shut in your foolish face but you wont get your vax “fix” and are likely to be ill as you try to get your freedom back.

    That is only the start. Once they get you on the “Digital Identity Wallet” and merge it with vax pass-they will have all info. Then combine that with cashless tyranny and the smart meter (you were cheap and stupid enough to have installed on the false promise it would save you a few bob) and you are fucked for good.

    Say that you decide you have had it with micromanaged tyranny and abuse. So you tell the state to fuck off and your social credit score takes a massive dive.

    You cant get on trains or planes or buses or mass transit. Taxis wont come for you and endless doors will be shut in your face. If your soc cred goes low enough the ambulance wont come for you or your loved ones. So they will be pushing you to kiss your masters arse for their sake.

    Your money is frozen . Already you could only buy what goods the state allows you to buy (plus your elec cash will be time ltd-spend it before it is worthless-ensuring no one can save or put anything by)and now you have nothing.

    They enter your house code into the grid and your smart meter shuts the power off and you freeze in the dark. A kindly neighbour might make you a cup of tea but that will lower their social credit score. And because you put all your social network on Fuckbook they will inform all your so-called friends and acquaintances that knowing you is lowering their social credit scores. See how many friends you have left after that. This evil also incorporates ordinary human snobbery into its operating method.

    In short–unless we defeat Johnson’s powergrab this winter when he will try to bring back LDs masks etc as part of his vax pass play it will be the express bus to micro-managed tyranny 24/7/365. Step off the kerb? Face recog camera notes your crime. Auto-voice scream at you from lamp-post loudspeaker. Or they might just take £50 out of your bank account direct.

    Don’t know about the rest of you but I’m not living that way.

    And please no tripe about elections. They are singing from the same sheet except ZaNu are even worse and even if there is a choice–we’ve seen how easy election theft is if you just brass it out. Nor is their incompetence a problem ultimately. They have all the time in the world to perfect their tyranny if they can get it started.

  16. What I can’t fathom is why anyone installs their wretched app in the first place.

    It’s obviously the thin end of a very nasty wedge, it does nothing but cause you hassle, and it’s not compulsory (yet).

    So why bother?

  17. It’s certainly a wonderful conspiracy theory, Ecksie. But on past experience, can you actually see such a large & complicated IT project ever becoming even slightly functional? Even if true, we should welcome it with open arms. It might cost a few billion but it’d keep a large number of the idiots harmlessly occupied for a few years whilst the rest of us get on, untroubled, with something sensible.

  18. “What I can’t fathom is why anyone installs their wretched app in the first place.”

    There’s no shortage of idiots.

  19. There are already fake vaccine passports being printed, with more on the way.

    If there’s a database and a bar code system put in place, businesses can find a way to fake those too.

    And if the government goes around shutting down businesses left and right (unlikely they would get to that point without significant pushback), businesses will just start operating off the books.

    The best we can do for now is keep exposing the hypocrites. Keep sharing those photos of Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Cuomo, Lori Lightfoot, AntiFa and BLM rioters, Barack Obama and the rest of them breaking their own rules. Keep saving those photos from Obama’s super-spreader birthday party!

  20. How do you implement social credit in a country with millions of illegals? I don’t see it. China doesn’t have that problem.

  21. “But on past experience, can you actually see such a large & complicated IT project ever becoming even slightly functional? ”

    It will be a mess to begin with BiS. But it will take shape slowly. We are already far less free than 50 years ago. But it hasn’t really bitten on a day to day basis because the means to micro-manage daily did not exist. Social credit tyranny creates and will refine those means.

    Lets not take the chance, If we have the courage to defy and sink Bogus Johnson’s forthcoming return-of-LDs/masks etc and vax pass powergrab this winter the we have broken his schemes.

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