Was Cuomo going to challenge Biden – or Harris – for 2024?

Biden calls on Cuomo to quit after damning sexual harassment report


Surely they’re not worried about him running against Chelsea.


12 thoughts on “Was Cuomo going to challenge Biden – or Harris – for 2024?”

  1. It is odd, Cuomo has been protected by the Deep State until now. I guess that the allegations are so bad that even the NYT couldn’t cover them up. In any case he has all those thousands of care home deaths on his balance sheet, which would have torpedoed him in the primaries.

  2. I liked the way he hadn’t read the report but called on him to resign anyway.

    One of the sad effects of senile dementia is an inability to concentrate. I doubt Creepy Joe’s read more than a page since he’s been pretendesident.

  3. Biden demands someone else quit due to sexual harassment. This level of hypocrisy ought to be doing the comedy circuits, but as it’s St Joe the silence will be deafening

  4. Hmmmm

    Remind me who won the Edward M Kennedy award for Inspired Leadership in 2020 along with an Emmy for his Coronovirus briefings?

    Maybe it was the same person who signed a tasty $5.12m publishing deal with Penguin Random House for his book “American Crisis: Leadership lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic”?

  5. “the Edward M Kennedy award for Inspired Leadership”: to win this, is it necessary actually to have killed a girl, or is a record of habitual sexual harassment and drunkenness enough?

  6. Dearieme

    Were that the case an un-named but easily identifiable Capitol Guard would be a strong contender for the 2021 renewal.

  7. All those women who support the idea of greater government control of society ought to spend a little more time thinking abut how vulnerable they might be from the types of men who seek such office to gain such control. On the other hand, for some women, such as the current US vice president, they might consider that it provides greater opportunities to flat-back your way up.

  8. The fun bit is that if the same thing happens in , say, Russia, it’s a clear case of cronyism and an obviously blatant attempt to remove the Opposition. Or a Falling Put in the Ranks of the evil cronies. Or….

    But that could not possibly happen in the Land of the Free, etc…

    An almost Spudological lack of awareness is on display here..

  9. The reporting was that the Justice Department report corroborated and confirmed the accusations so he was definitely guilty, I’m old enough when guilt/innocence was decided by the courts and juries not the prosecution.
    US is setting some very dangerous precedents in ignoring due process, this would cause the leader of a banana republic to blush with shame

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