We knew this sort of censorship was coming

Facebook failed to enforce its own rules to curb an oil and gas industry misinformation campaign over the climate crisis during last year’s presidential election, according to a new analysis released on Thursday.

The report by the London-based thinktank InfluenceMap identified an increase in advertising on the social media site by ExxonMobil and other fossil-fuel companies aimed at shaping the political debate about policies to address global heating.

Once the power to filter information has been granted then the filtering of information will be done.

InfluenceMap said its research shows the fossil-fuel industry has moved away from outright denying the climate crisis, and is now using social media to promote oil and gas as part of the solution. The report also exposed what it said was Facebook’s role in facilitating the dissemination of false claims about global heating by failing to consistently apply its own policies to stop erroneous advertising.

No one should be allowed to contradict us because we’re “following the science”.

Rather a lot of power over the public space has been conceded there, no?

6 thoughts on “We knew this sort of censorship was coming”

  1. Where would one go to discuss ‘the science’? If one had some kind of query. If one wanted to see an experimental proof of the validity of the hypothesis?

  2. I’m “following the science” which demonstrates that Socialism kills people. Ban adverts for Socialism.

  3. Further to my assertion that the climate crisis isn’t a real thing. Back when it was called global warming, the British Isles were promised a Mediterranean climate. Back then ‘rain stopped play’ was a regular issue in the world of cricket. Today, both the test match and the 100 ball cricket have been rained off. Has our climate changed then? Not really.

    The scientific method. You form your hypothesis based on what you think that you know. You then test your hypothesis via either experiment or observation. If your hypothesis fails those tests it means that your hypothesis is wrong. There is no doubt about this, the hypothesis that increased levels of CO2 has a significant effect on global temperatures has been falsified.

  4. I should add that these failed predictions have been made with regard to every part of the world and not just the UK.

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