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Third, the companies in that market should be nationalised. That’s what should happen for utilities where come what may, whoever you but from, there’s only one wire and one pipe into your house and no real choice at all.


The UK domestic energy market now boasts around 60 different energy suppliers.

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The National Grid is indeed a natural monopoly. Which is why it is a highly regulated company. The wiring into the house, yes, fair enough, only going to be one of those. Well regulated. The production – sorry, movement – of those electrons, the retailing of those electrons, that are the electricity is not a natural monopoly, is not a monopoly and is, in fact, pretty viciously free market. As the repeated bankruptcies of companies that try to undercut market pricing shows.

BTW, how can one opt for a green electricity deal, as you can, if there is no choice?

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  1. “…how can one opt for a green electricity deal, as you can, if there is no choice?”

    I have been asking myself a related question. I think it is EDF that is advertising a 100% renewable energy tariff. This is clearly impossible, there is no way to seperate the nice green renewable electrons from the nasty nuclear and fossil fuel ones. In my neck of the woods the wind turbines have been stationary for the majority of the time recently. If this tariff was what they said it was, subscribers would be having their power cut off regularly.

  2. Stonyground, it would be rather fun to have a deal that did just that. Prices go through the roof when renewable energy is in short supply, and you’re cut off completely when there isn’t enough to go round. Then whenever any greenies demand government impose anything on the rest of us, the first question can be whether they are on that deal.

  3. Where can I get the deal that doesn’t include any wind? (i.e. the ‘no beans’ supply?) I would appreciate my share of the subsidy returned to me.

  4. Weird. I literally just switched my electricity supplier this morning (because rock n’ roll will never die in the Steve household) and it was really easy and quick. Even got a £50 credit for signing up.

    Ritchie might be legit getting senile dementia, because he’s old enough to remember when we had state owned monopolies running the utilities and it was both expensive and shite. Shitespensive might just be his preferred method of inflicting misery on his fellow man and she-man for candidly recognising he’s a bit of a dick, tho.

  5. Stony, as I have posted before: Scottish Power advertise ‘100% green electricity to your home’. This is similar to the ‘100% Pure Fresh Spring Water to your home’ deal I get from my water supplier, ‘Con A Mug’.
    You see, they pour 100% pure fresh spring water into a reservoir (full of all the other water) and I get 100% pure fresh spring water out of my tap!!
    It’s more expensive, but I am proud to be doing my bit for the planet.

    The problem with everything politicians get their wanking spanners on is that they are either, corrupt, lying, incompetent or all three and are guaranteed to fuck it up and make it more expensive for us proles.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    The 100% Green Energy deal should work like this, but it won’t because we all know its a con:

    You have to has a Smart Meter. When the total electricity being consumed by those on that tariff > that green energy being consumed Smart Meters are used to shut green users down. They could do it by lottery of on some roll call basis, I don’t care because I wouldn’t sign up for it or have a Smart Meter.


    Yep switching is easy but more and more tariffs are requiring a Smart Meter and the regulator is pushing for more of them

  7. Gas pipes are unnecessary. Methane could be distributed by dirigible. In fact I rather like the idea. Deliveroo should take it up.

  8. For some time I did indeed get my gas delivered to the door, in bottles, by truck, from that nice Mr Calor. He even took away the empties.

  9. dearieme
    What a splendid idea. Even better when we have to switch to hydrogen, which can’t be fed through existing gas lines. The balloon can hover over your house / neighbourhood to deliver your gas on demand, then when it’s empty can fly back to the hydrogen mine to refill…

  10. @jgh: but propane does not a dirigible support. I suppose you could combine propane containers with hot air balloons if you wanted to. In fact that’s pretty much what hot air balloons do, isn’t it?

  11. BiND – Deffo.

    I feel the same way about smart meters that I do about electric cars, I spose. Great idea in theory, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with the technology (apart from connecting your leccy supply to the Internet of Shit, but then millions of people think it’s a good idea to install government spyware on their phones so…). Allowing people to take advantage of better pricing off-peak is a Good Thing.

    It’s the bigger picture to do with national electricity infrastructure that looks like a slow-moving disaster, and the logic of climatewoo requires immiserating the plebs as a feature rather than a bug. Most people still have no idea just how much the effeminate institutional class absolutely fucking hate them. They’ll learn.

    FWIW (I suspect not much), the National Grid swears blind that it’s all gonna be fine. I’ve seen senior guys from the likes of SSE quoted saying the exact opposite in industry fora that mainstream journos pay zero attention to (the public message is, of course, that greeniebollocks is magic). Who to believe?

    Interestingly enough, UK electricity demand has been declining since 2005, despite a rising population. (I’m slightly distressed to realise that 2005 was more than 15 years ago.) I suspect that decline may be papering over a lot of cracks as older power stations are decommissioned and replaced with unreliables, and the low hanging fruit of energy efficient lightbulbs and whatnot can’t be plucked twice.

    Could get a bit 70’s in the decade ahead. But we shouldn’t be afraid of this, a nice little crisis might even be the Panglossian outcome, long term. The worst scenario involves the frog being sauteed slowly.

  12. Steve,

    And shifting low value manufacturing to other parts of the world. All the laptop and dildo factories going to China makes your numbers look better.

  13. Talking of EDF’s green electrons, I guess my supply is mostly them, if you look at power flows. EDF own Sizewell B and all its power (plus some windy stuff from the North Sea) travels to Bramford switching station near Ipswich. From there a lot of it goes towards London & up to Norwich but the rest feeds all of Suffolk. So I only get those disgusting gassy electrons from London/Norwich when Sizewell is down for maintenance or tsunamis or something.

    On the downside from EDF, they keep sending me emails & leaflets imploring me in ever more strident terms to get a smart meter fitted. I have so far binned the lot but I fear I may have soon to get into an unpleasant dialogue with them as they are starting to play the ‘old and inaccurate meter’ card.

  14. Tractor Gent–Tell them to fuck off in no uncertain terms. Not only are smart meters keeping the green shitshow afloat they are a medium of tyrannical control in their own right. Under the old system they can only turn whole blocks off but with a smart meter your house alone goes dark if they want it to. Fight on.

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