In other words, there are economists for hire who work on anti-social projects to suit the interests of the few

Writing a paper for the TUC budget submission that gets the sign wrong on the effect of higher taxes upon female labour supply in well off families. Another paper decrying, as tax abuse, the personal services company taxation route both advocated and used by the writer.

Tsk, I mean Tsk, eh?

9 thoughts on “Well, yes”

  1. ‘the few’…..

    people between the ages of say 55 and 60 are few….
    people who play with trainsets are few…
    people who are accountants are few..
    people who pose as economists are few…

    Quelle surprise. Lard-arse is full of it again.

  2. Dennis, This Week's Tottenham Manager

    Richard Murphy has a twin and the Earth has not lost its axis and flown into the sun?

  3. @ Dennis
    That shows that not everything is hereditary, some things. such as being an extremely unpleasant person can be affected by the environment. Getting a return punch from a small child that the individual is trying to bully may reduce the likelihood of the individual becoming a chronic bully. In Murphy’s case it is more plausible that he failed to return the punch and concluded that bullying worked.

  4. @ Dennis – his twin was ok even if a little odd. haven’t seen him in 40 + years. Luckily never met spud.

  5. His twin is, apparently gay.

    Leading to Spud’s remarkable claim that it proved his ‘right on’ claims to be in with the gay crowd that he “had shared a womb with a gay person’. I can’t think of anyone else who would make such a claim. Truly bizarre.

  6. Presumably he wants it banned (if not legally then professionally), so that anyone making non-approved arguments will not be an ‘economist’. He can then say that all economists agree with him (rather like climate scientists).

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