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Well, yes, sorta

Al Gore’s got a Nobel Prize. Jimmy Carter’s got a Nobel Prize. Yasser Arafat’s got a Nobel Prize. I could go on. But this should be enough for anyone to gauge the decline of the old Norwegian institute that has always been as overrated by the world’s elites as Barack Obama’s salsa-dancing skills. Another controversial Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman,

Except Krugman’s came from the Swedes…..

15 thoughts on “Well, yes, sorta”

  1. “Except Krugman’s came from the Swedes…” and was anyway a counterfeit Nobel. The Peace Prize may be risible but at least it’s authentic.

  2. Odd really, the article seems to suggest that the Spanish won, but actually it was Wellington who led the allied armies to victory (well plus the usual problem that invading Russia is a bad idea). Spanish regular forces failed to perform with any distinction for the entire course of the war and whilst the guerillas did tie down lots of French troops, it was the efforts of the British army under Wellington that secured victory.

    I’m not sure that Krugman shows any insights either – in retrospect, we do know that the Napoleonic wars changed Europe, sweeping away much of the old order, but to claim that the French were trying to “modernise” Spain ignores the fairly standard war of conquest that Napoleon was trying – hence appointing his relatives to various thrones around Europe. He fails to remember that the great revolution of the 19th century, the industrial one, swept out of Britain not France.

  3. As I understand it, the Nobel Prizes are for excellence in the various fields of science. The Nobel Peace Prize was added as an afterthought and tends to be given to deeply unpleasant people.

  4. Was Dr Michael Mann’s Nobel Prize given to him by the Swedes, or was it the Norwegians?

    I can’t quite remember the details, and unfortunately Wikipedia is unable to offer any guidance on the subject….

  5. Presumably Spaniards wouldn’t like it if someone pointed out that Portuguese soldiers were more useful to Wellington than Spanish soldiers.

    Wellington was sorely disappointed that the Portuguese government later refused to send him soldiers for his army that eventually fought at Waterloo. A year is a long time in politics.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    At that time, “backward” Spain had just completed the Balmis Expedition, a philanthropic voyage that had distributed the smallpox vaccine to every corner of the Spanish Empire, and is considered the greatest international medical campaign in history (millions of lives were saved thanks to it);

    He doesn’t seem to the difference between vaccination and variolation and that philanthropic expedition relied on taking a load of orphans and passing on the disease from one to the other as the trip went on.

  7. @ Dearime
    Wellington didn’t have a problem with Spanish troops pre se. He thought their only problem was that they didn’t trust their officers- and that given the officers they had he didn’t blame them.
    The Portuguese army was no better at the outset- but Wellington was able to get them up to scratch before venturing into Spain.

  8. Michael Mann didn’t get a Nobel Prize. The IPPC and anyone who contributed to their regular prophesies of doom were collectively awarded the worthless Peace Prize. Mann, having contributed his doomsday graph, then claimed to be a Nobel Prize winner.

  9. Theoph:
    3/4 awarded by Swedish committees, or 4/5 if the Sveriges Riksbanks prize for Economics is included. And seeing they are funded from the profits from an explosives business, dynamite is spot on!

  10. Krugman might be controversial, but Krugman’s prize wasn’t controversial, was it? There seems to be a consensus that he won it for writing good stuff about the things he actually knows about.

  11. The surprise for Krugman’s prize was only how early he got it, not the whether he would get one.

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