What fun!

This autumn she also plays one of the leads in the eagerly awaited reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise.

Eagerly might be a bit much. As to reboot, that means they’re agreeing that the last one was, as many said, shite? And franchise? A movie and a squib is a franchise now?

10 thoughts on “What fun!”

  1. This appears to be a sequel rather than a reboot. And, ignoring the recent “remake”, 2 movies, a cartoon series, sundry comics, toys etc a franchise makes.

  2. I wonder if she is related to Gene Coon who wrote StarTrek and Munsters scripts.
    Her husband is called Tracy, he must have had a tough time at school.

  3. Ghostbusters was a highly entertaining movie. Probably worth a sequel. But really not worth the endless attempts to wring a bit more cash out of it.

    The ‘franchise’ concept is really just an admission that Hollywood is out of ideas.

  4. >They’re doing a Wokebusters sequel?!
    No, they’re pretending that never happened and doing a sequel to Ghostbusters 3*, much to the chagrin of Paul Fieg.

    * which is a computer game

  5. Dennis, The Pauline Kael of Central Ohio

    The whole Ghostbusters thing eludes me. The original movie was passable entertainment, nothing more.

    Then again, Hollywood hasn’t been able to produce passable entertainment in a couple of decades, so a half-assed comedy probably looks pretty good these days.

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