William Keegan needs some grief counselling

Day by day we see evidence of the folly. The good work of half a century of being closely integrated into Europe is being undone. The inconvenience and disruption make previous complaints about “Brussels bureaucracy” look like a sick joke.

Still just can’t get over it, can he?

17 thoughts on “William Keegan needs some grief counselling”

  1. With such a major political realignment there was bound to be some inconvenience and disruption I would have thought. I would have thought that the EU trying their best to exacerbate the problems combined with their childish tantrums would have convinced everyone that we had made the right decision. Still, we can happily look forward to endless whining from the remainers for decades to come, that will be such fun.

  2. Still, we can happily look forward to endless whining from the remainers for decades to come, that will be such fun.

    Rather like blaming ‘Fatcher’ for everything thirty years after she left power…

  3. This is extraordinary:

    ” And it is not just Brexit. It is what Brexit brought in its wake: the erosion of respect for the rule of law, and a general corruption and coarsening of standards. This was captured recently by Annette Dittert, the London bureau chief for Germany’s public broadcaster, in an article in the New Statesman entitled The Politics of Lies. As she points out, it was Dominic Cummings and Johnson who “first ushered in the post-truth era in Great Britain, thereby destroying the very basis on which a minister, or even Johnson, can still be held accountable”.

    How soon they forget.

    I seem to remember Messrs A Blair, G Brown, Mandelscum and Campbell having a rather ‘open relationship’ with truth and the Rule of Law.

  4. And Teresa May was most forthright on her intention of getting the UK right out of the clutches of the EU. Until her Night of the Long Walk Home from Chequers.

  5. Is there a word for having a quota system for the top jobs in a bureaucracy? The one which says the number of jobs equals the number of national groups and that selection purely on merit is abandoned in favour of ensuring each national group gets one of them.
    I’ve never seen any Remain voter arguing that this is a good system. But they are rather keen to argue that not being signed up for it is baaad.

  6. Theophrastus (2066)

    Not just remainiacs who need grief counselling,but the French and German elites, too.

    France and Germany’s self-images are built upon having their little empire of client-states. Without its claim to be the leading member of the EU, France would suffer an even greater crisis of self-confidence. The UK’s presence in the EU gave the EU increased status in the world which in turn boosted French and German national self-esteem. Brexit, however, has diminished the EU economically, financially, diplomatically, educationally and militarily. This enrages the French and so the German elites, and so they take Brexit personally.

  7. Someone working in my local supermarket always places a copy of “The New European” in the most prominent position on the display.

    I would like to think it is a sardonic act of humour but fear that there really are people who lap up this vitriolic craziness. If the headlines and front covers are anything to go by it makes the Guardian appear calm and measured by comparison.

  8. “endless whining from the remainers”: they were remainers only before they lost. Afterwards they became quislings.

  9. Dearime has it right.

    We need a program to ship Remain/Join over to the EU. All the dross of the Midden East and beyond fetches up here so we need to export some remainiac mugs. To hold the UK scum count at least steady.

    On another note hopefully tyrannical events in Sa/Australia/NZ and Canada might at last stop the drift of more able and ambitious people out of the UK. And might indeed bring some of them home.

  10. Ecks.. You deal with your own trash in your own country. We have no need of the whining bastards, we’ve got enough of them over here already.

  11. Wut, Ecksy… Are you saying that, in your opinion, like a tantrumming toddler the UK can’t/won’t clean up its own messes and needs to farm them out Abroad?
    You, the One Who Declaims Fury and Retribution Upon the Wicked every other day of the week?

    Disappointing… I’d almost say…Spuddish…

  12. Grikath–They love your set up. All we can do with them would be beat and/or murder them. How much better if you let them join your citizens who–in polls –all want the EU to continue and thrive. So the polls tell us anyway. Perhaps a deal–obv we were going to take all their wealth etc–but we will leave them 25% so that you can steal that as an entrance fee.

  13. “They love your set up.”

    So does a large part of the world, judging by the amount of peeps arranging impromptu travel across the Mediterranean in our general direction.
    What makes you think we’d appreciate you adding to that load at any price?

    Your remainiacs are perfectly free to pursue the extant immigration schemes in any EU nation they prefer.
    I’m just afraid that the occupation of “clown” is not on the preferred occupation list of any of them, so their mileage may vary.

    So, again, you will still have to take out your own trash. We’re not buying.

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