Wimmins is entirely and wholly equal

Almost a million women have left their jobs because of menopausal symptoms. Countless others are discriminated against, denied support and openly mocked. Do they need new legal protections?

Entirely capable of doing everything as well as, better than, any man.

Except, you know, when they need a day or three off for a period, or a year or three for the menopause.

There was a time when feminism shrieked that equality. Today’s seems to shriek the privilege. Which does seem something of a retrogression back to the earlier antifeminist insistence by the patriarchs that wimmins couldn’t do the complex stuff because of periods and menopause.

It’s not obvious that this is an advance, certainly.

11 thoughts on “Wimmins is entirely and wholly equal”

  1. “There was a time when feminism shrieked that equality. Today’s seems to shriek the privilege”.

    They may have shrieked equality, but, as with other special interest groups, they want cakeism.

  2. Different set of women, I think.

    Lots of women wanted rights, got them, and are using them. The 2nd wave feminists aren’t wasting their time on feminism. They’re doing science, managing projects etc.

    3rd wave feminists are mostly privileged untalented women looking for status and a handout.

    It’s the same thing with race. Sure, we had a real problem 30 years ago, there’s still bits of it, but it’s basically done. Black people with talent get jobs and make money. So who is doing all the race baiting? People who are a bit thick, like David Lammy and Diane Abbott.

  3. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    It’s worth noting that the article doesn’t advance the argument that Mara’s performance was substandard. In fact, the article all but confirms it.

    It’s also worth noting that the article doesn’t advance the argument that workers need certain protections when medical conditions have adverse effects on that worker’s performance. Nope, not in the least.

    All it really does is advance the notion that women in the workplace cannot be judged by their performance or held to the same set of expectations their male counterparts are held to.

    Not quite the argument Sirin Kale was going for, I’ll bet. Nonetheless, it’s the one she’s presented.

  4. Are these demands for special treatment for women for periods and the menopause not totally transphobic? According to woke lore there’s absolutely no difference between Belinda and Bill-in-a-dress, so given Bill-in-a-dress doesn’t bleed monthly, nor will go through the menopause, surely giving Belinda time off every month is totally transphobic?

  5. I approach it exactly the same as workplace smokers. If they want to take two hours off work every day to kill themselves, I don’t care as long as they don’t get paid for those two hours.

  6. So which is it? Do they want employers to provide products in the bathroom for female employees? Or do they want the week off every time their Aunt Flo visits?

    Looks more like they just want society to cater to their every whim. It’s the whole “personal day/mental health day/wellness day” trend, where you can say “Hi boss, I’m feeling, like, just, you know…meh today” and expect the company to pick up a full day of production?

    It reminds me of the time a coworker sent an email at 2am saying they were having trouble sleeping and couldn’t come in the next day. Everyone was completely understanding. I, too, have trouble sleeping, and I was up until 3am, but guess who was still at the office?

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