And now he is

Jean-Paul Belmondo, star of Breathless, dies aged 88

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  1. He had what I thought of as a “French” mug. His face looked like a horse had stepped on it.

    I saw his film “The Burglars” on BBC 2 back in the early 70s. The BBC was an actual TV channel back then not Marxist bullshit HQ and they had French Language films on a Friday night. Mostly dull art-house garbage but there were 2 or 3 that were worth watching.

    Jean Luc Picard…sorry Goddard’s “Alphaville” was a risibly funny attempt at science-fiction from a commie hack. Fell off my chair several times laughing.

    One of the others was”The Burglars” with Belmondo. For many years I remembered it as being full of proto-Parkour with JPB leaping and lurching around some sea -side city to avoid cops and his (not-very)fellow criminals.

    Not having seen the film for 40+ years I was able to get a copy off the Net a few years back. I found the action far less than I remembered. Almost static compared to the hyper-action of todays garbage movies. The same thing with other old movies like the original “Shaft” which on re-viewing many years later also seemed very light on action.

    That doesn’t seem to happen with a classic like Dirty Harry–where the action scenes seem to somehow hold up. Or with Westerns

    Anyway –sorry to hear the bloke is dead. I guess he likely missed the France of his younger years rather than the North Korea with extra garlic and BO it now is under Granny’s Boy Macron.

  2. Can you help out with this, Ecksie? Might have been the same season. French film set in a scruffy building was a stack of apartments. Exterior roof scenes looked like Paris to me. Bottom of the hill from Montmartre. Subject was the interplay of the various occupants. I remember one was being used as a frog farm until it filled with water nearly drowning the occupant(s). Whole thing was completely surreal but to me, hilariously funny. Ring a bell? Downloadable?

  3. I must have missed that one BiS.

    I remember “Alphaville” and “the Burglars” and the English language Truffaut “Fahrenheit 451″ which tho’ in English had an entirely foreign feeling. I think the ” Wages of Fear” and ” Les Diaboliques”. were also on.

    The only other French film I can recall is “La Dantelieur” (sic) with a young Isabelle Huppert as a naïve French girl who has a seaside romance with some French turd who gets fed up of her by the end because she is loyal and unsophisticated. I believe that was a few years later –about 77.

    I will look up “Deicatessen” on Youtube .

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