Britain cut off from Kernow

Trains cut off from Cornwall after Tesco lorry hits railway bridge
No trains able to enter county on Tuesday, with Network Rail warning delays and cancellations may last into Wednesday

Come along now, as with fog in channel, we’ve got to get this the right way around. It is poor, poor, Britain which is unable to access Cornwall…..

6 thoughts on “Britain cut off from Kernow”

  1. If only the gangs would splash out on bigger boats with better engines, Cornwall could welcome their own African “Afghans”.

  2. “Only 1 rail route into Cornwall? Lucky we have the ICE then isn’t it.”

    One of the things I was thinking about this morning with this story is how practical buses and cars are. If this was a road going over this bridge, we’d have long ago knocked it down and raised the bridge and the cars going over it would go over a slight incline of a few inches. All of these bridges that get hit by HGVs (we have one in Swindon) are rail bridges.

    Also remembering how, when the trains got cancelled due to snow in Bristol, I could still get an Uber (yes, cost me tons, but still) and when I got back to Swindon, the bus was still operating.

  3. The single rail route is also victim to frequent poor weather at Dawlish

    There used to be an alternative route via Okehampton

    Maybe we could have 0.01% of HS2’s budget to re-open it?

  4. I’ve been trying for some years to write a song about what life would be like if Cornwall were an island.

    So far I only have one line.

    “Imagine there’s no Devon…”

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