Canada’s different you know


Meanwhile Mr Trudeau’s main rival, the Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, has run a largely successful campaign blaming the Liberal leader for a selfishly opportunistic election, swelling the national debt and failing to tackle climate change.

That’s the conservatives arguing that not enough is being done about climate change.

Hmm, with Princess Nut Nut, maybe not so different.

8 thoughts on “Canada’s different you know”

  1. Climate change now transcends all the old divisions about distribution of wealth and possibly even race. It’s just a stick to beat the opposition with. There will never be enough done about climate change, just as there can never be enough motherhood and warm fragrant apple pie.

  2. I have started to wonder if military coups might not be the only answer. The generals are a bit woke, but the blokes rather less so. The key would be the sergeants and corporals and the colonels, really. Mostly the sergeants and corporals.

  3. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Trudeau is a threat to the free world.

    Yes, I know, all of them are, but he is one of the biggest ones.

  4. It’s a vicious circle as the media and various ‘opinion polls’ declared climate change is the ‘most important factor in the election’ so the politicians are following that line even if it’s only to make sure they get media coverage which of course bumps up the importance at least in the media eyes.
    O’Toole seems to be trying to deflect the traditional criticisms by aping Liberal policies much the same way Tories in U.K. have become zealots over the NHS to try and take away the stick Labour uses to beat them with each election cycle. At least he’s stuck to his guns so far on vaccine passports. Seems to be working as according to the polls he’s picked up voters who are just looking for anyone other than Trudeau to vote for.

    We have the crazy situation of the Liberals insisting on vaccine passports and mandatory vaccination for all govt staff and the Conservatives opposing them clearly labels don’t mean what they used to

  5. O’Toole isn’t considered a conservative in anything but name nowadays.

    He and the C’s have basically jumped on every platform PM Socks was pretending to care about – but without the public scandals Prime Minister Blackface is trying to hide.

    Socks is still gonna win though.

  6. Interested
    September 14, 2021 at 8:55 am

    At least in the US military, the blokes are as woke as the brass. You have to be or you don’t get promoted.

  7. Perhaps O’Toole is doing the honorable thing, picking up the climate change cudgel and beating the climate change proponent with it however he can. No reason to believe that upon election he would necessarily do anything about it. He’s a politician.

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