Couldn’t possibly happen, don’t be absurd

Of all the ludicrous things to predict:

Mass migration due to climate change may lead to an increase in racial tensions and community clashes in the UK, police have been warned.

Abject nonsense. After all, having 14% of the nation foreign born has led to nothing but the joys and strengths of diversity. Why would more of the same not have the same outcome?

15 thoughts on “Couldn’t possibly happen, don’t be absurd”

  1. Note that Plod is preparing for the backlash, not to deal with the crimes of recently-immigrated peasants from violent and backwards lands.

    I bet they are worried about ‘far right’ terrorism too…

  2. @Addolff: like the recent events in Tower Hamlets where the Bangladeshi peasantry declined to be troubled any longer by African muggers and ensured one will have trouble signing at the dole office any more?

    With, allegedly, his own machete?

  3. Ouch. Those that live by the sword and all that. And who could forget that nice adherent of the RoP who traveled from Bradford to Glasgow to murder Asad Shah, an adherent to the wrong branch of the RoP?

    And theirin lies the problem that no one on the left will address. These migrants come here and bring their tribalism, backwards cultures, historical grievances and hatred with them.

  4. Politicians can control global weather patterns 100 years from now via taxation, but “migration” is impossible to stop because laws, borders, police and vehicles don’t exist.

  5. For mass migration to be caused by climate change, wouldn’t the climate have to, you know, change? A half a degree rise in average global temperatures isn’t going to cause it. Improperly defended borders on the other hand will.

  6. Presumably all these climate refugees are going to be the standard “under 18”, male, well nourished, would-be doctors fleeing persecution?

  7. Perhaps it’s just another way of saying, ‘You didn’t stop climate change, you caused the immigration, you’re guilty, you should welcome them.’

  8. So now the Taliban is a consequence of climate change?
    And there was me imagining that the Qu’ran pre-dated the little ice age…

  9. Julia, I saw that and was mightily amused; but just imagine the reaction of the Establishment if the native English were to take knives and machetes to some African or Asian ne’er-do-wells. They’d declare a National Emergency.

  10. All of the predicted 1.5 degrees of climate change (since 1750, of course) have been mitigated for me by my recent move from Oxon to Lincs. Few of the other type of ‘climate refugee’ too.

  11. “These migrants come here and bring their tribalism, backwards cultures, historical grievances and hatred with them.” Like the Irish, you mean?

  12. @Dearieme We already have our homegrown grudges, stewed and rehashed for several centuries..

    I’m not a fan of the newfangled stuff, I’m a traditionalist.

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