Deals in email that can be rejected

It is a smart AI-based trading robot that will make 93% of successful trades.

The set of users is limited, there are 39 places left.

All other users will pay 10% of each transaction for using our AI trading robot.

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19 out of 75 of our beta testers became dollar millionaires in 2-3 months with an investment of $ 1000, the rest, using our trading robot, receive passive income of $ 47,000 per month.

You don’t need to know anything here, work experience is not needed, your personal manager will help you with everything.

Hurry up to register and start earning passive income.

If you had an AI with that level of success, requiring that small an investment, then why would you hire it out?

On average, you could set up 47 new accounts of your own – each with a 19 in 75 chance of making a million – each month from the revenue from each account that you’re willing to set up for a 10% cut of said revenues.

Why would you, the owner of the AI, prefer the 10%?

8 thoughts on “Deals in email that can be rejected”

  1. You should write a book, Mr Worstall: “Economics that Dearieme Learnt at his Father’s Knee”. Or “learned” if you prefer.

  2. It is, of course, the standard response to any con man. If this X is so valuable why are you telling me, a complete stranger, about it? You have no family? No friends?

  3. a smart AI-based trading robot that will make 93% of successful trades.

    I see what they did there. 7% of successful trades (still quite fictional of course) were made by humans, who may have lacked a certain motivation, being keen to validate the AI. What about the unsuccessful trades? No need to mention them, though they may for all we know dwarf the successful trades.

  4. My grandfather returned from the Second World War (where he fought at Arnhem among other places) and was in a bit of a financial pickle, and in a moment of weakness he sent off for a booklet which was advertised in The Times as a sure fire way to get yourself started on the road to riches. It cost him three shillings and the essential message, he always told me, was ‘catch another mug like I’ve caught you’.

    It taught him a valuable lesson, though, and it was a valuable lesson he passed on to my mother and thence to me.

  5. My grandfather, who served in the Royal Artillery in WWI told how he once made and lost £2,500 in a single night. As a young teen, I asked him why he hadn’t quit while ahead, he answered, “Well, first of all, it was all in IOU’s, secondly, I’d have been lynched if I had, and thirdly, I didn’t think I’d live to spend it anyway….

    Hmmm… A lesson hard won.

  6. My father always said the 2 most important lessons were to quit while you were ahead (or at least take some gains out as you went along) and never to gamble unless you could afford to lose

  7. BniC. “never to gamble unless you could afford to lose”. A work colleague said that to me after i’d lost a fiver in the fruit machine at work. He was subsequently found to have stolen thousands of pounds from said machine over a period of years…….

  8. Cousin Zeb : Uh, is this a game of chance?

    Cuthbert J. Twillie : Not the way I play it, no.

    W C Fields in My Little Chickadee

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