Doesn’t matter a toss

Changing gender?

A leading charity for young people has called on the SNP to allow children as young as 12 to legally change their gender without their parents’ consent.

Children in Scotland, which receives more than £1 million a year in public money, said allowing pre-teens to obtain gender recognition certificates could prove “extremely beneficial” and would help “normalise trans identities”.

That socially constructed bit that leads to being regarded as a bird or a bloke?

Who cares?

Ah, that biological bit of male and female? Chopping bits off, drugs?

The difference between sex and gender is important, isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Doesn’t matter a toss”

  1. And as non-adults cannot enter into contracts, why would any certification of identify be required anyway? Anything that needs proof of identify would by law be required to be entered into by their parents.

  2. It’s like, how much of transactivism isn’t just creepy, predatory adults trying to groom children?

    The answer is none. None transactivism.

  3. I just don’t like chopping bits off kids. Well, not off (most) adults either, but adults are allowed to be stupid.

    So no!!! Definitely not.

  4. “Isn’t anyone going to ask why we’d want to ‘normalise trans identities’..?”

    In “Scotland”?* You’re kidding, right?

    *I’ve started putting it in quotes because the “Scotland” of Holyrood long since ceased to bear any resemblance to the one I live in. This is a case in point, and not necessarily for the reasons you might think (although there’s that too). See, there’s no such thing as changing your name by deed poll in Scotland; under Scots law, your name is whatever people know you by. It has no official status. But now we must have legal recognition of our “gender”. Forget what they’re recognising; the principle that something is only real when it’s recognised by the state is alien to the Scottish tradition. Why does the SNP hate Scotland so much?

  5. Because they are commie scum riding the coat tails of Scottish National feeling. Hell –what kind of “Nationalists” have selling your nation to the EU as their only policy plank if they get the “Independence” they claim to want.

  6. “Why does the SNP hate Scotland so much?”

    Come now; it’s only Scottish tradition that they hate, and the Scottish Enlightenment. They’re OK with Tunnock’s teacakes I assume.

  7. “They’re OK with Tunnock’s teacakes I assume.”

    Nope, Tunnocks’ committed the unforgivable sin of putting Union Jacks on their export packaging a couple of years back. The Nats are boycotting them.

  8. ‘committed the unforgivable sin of putting Union Jacks on their export packaging’

    Must see if I can find some next time I wander down to the shops.

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