Dunno about that

Despite the bitterness of his departure, he remained proud of Status Quo’s music. “When you specialise in something, stick with it,” he said, in response to accusations that one song was indistinguishable from another. “We specialised in hard rock boogie and there was nobody bloody better.”

Georgia Satellites did it pretty well too.

What I hadn’t known though was that this was his last gig with the band.

Quite a way to go out.

To be honest, looking at later videos etc, I just thought he’d had a haircut……

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  1. Ah, yes. The Georgia Satellites. The best roadhouse band in the history of ever. Still worth listening to.

  2. Ah! Live Aid – Feed the World.
    Wonder how much of the world actually got fed? Or was it purely fundraising for middle-class NGO’ers & the Wabenzis? Certainly the birth of commericialised virtue signalling.

  3. BiS: I’m prepared to cut Geldof et al. some slack and accept that they probably sincerely believed they were doing some good.

    The trouble is that they still do.

  4. BiS, I wonder exactly how many more are hungry now because those who under normal circumstances would not have gotten to the point of knocking out a load of kids were actually able to do so due to Live Aid?
    Ethiopia pop.:
    1950 – 18 million
    1960 – 22 million
    1970 – 28 million
    1980 – 35 million
    1990 – 47 million
    2000 – 66 million
    2010 – 87 million
    2021 – 117 million
    UN projection for 2100 – 294 million.

  5. I’m reluctant to. Had some experience of this sort of thing back at the time. Record being cut for charity Xmas release. Black issue charity so the majority of the talent of the same hue. The then current girlfriend was dong PR & your’s truly, for some unknown reason, security. We had parts of some reggae bands, Lenny Henry playing Lenny Henry to a tee, Mick Hucknell demanding coffee made to his specific requirements being shown the kitchen & the kettle & told to FO, a terminally bored Miss UK, two of Neil Kinnock’s handlers awaiting the arrival of Aretha Franklin – if she showed the Windbag would be couriered round to mime the vocals, she didn’t he wasn’t & two Africans ( possibly from the ANC) camped on the roof terrace under the impression they could take away the fundraising cash in a briefcase the same day. Mostly it was an opportunity for stale performers to try jumpstarting their stalled careers.

  6. “WWhen you specialise in something, stick with it,” is exactly the statement you’d expect from a band called Status Quo

  7. @Interested

    Nah. ZZ Top were much better musicians than the Georgia Satellites. More talent, more polish.

    The Satellites are just boot-stomping blues rockers. Just the sort of thing for a Saturday night in a country roadhouse.

  8. Didn’t Live Aid keep the Fascist Ethiopian Govt in power for a few more years than should have happened. The Franco Award for Geldof?

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