Erm, this is known already

The obliging couples were trained with a device to measure their nasal airflow before sex, immediately after sexual climax and at regular time points thereafter. According to the team’s report, sex was as effective at clearing blocked noses, for an hour at least, as commercial decongestants, though Bulut concedes he did not get firm data from everyone. “I think some people couldn’t focus on the device,” he said. How sex might unblock the nose is not entirely clear, but Bulut sees a number of factors in play. “I think it’s a mixture of excitement, physical exercise, and hormonal changes that come with orgasm,” he said.

The tissue inside the sinus (sinii?) is erectile, not that that’s the right word. But blood supply to it increases with sexual excitement and it thus expands, as with willy and wimmins bits. Which acts as a decongestant.

Which is why, when caring for the ill a bed partner, there’s a task before the making a sammich bit.

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  1. kind of knew this already too.

    Economics Prize: Pavlo Blavatskyy, for discovering that the obesity of a country’s politicians may be a good indicator of that country’s corruption.

  2. Some of Fleiss’s ideas are probably true. Female bisexuality seems to depend on opportunity more than anything else. One can even see why male bisexuality might be latent but there’s a whole lot of hard wired in stuff like male competitive aggression & territoriality pushing in the opposite direction. Let alone social conditioning.
    The effect of pheromones on the reproductive system isn’t exactly unknown. Perfume manufacturers have been taking advantage of it for centuries. See price of ambergris. But not the price of Boar Sweat. Women living in close proximity tend to synchronise their menstrual cycles. The part of the brain handles this stuff is the oldest part. Largely hardwired reflexes from when human evolutionary ancestors were little better than a set of hardwired reflexes. So not hard to see how a mating signal could connect the olfactory equipment to the breeding equipment without any concious intervention. But like most things human, there’s so much going on at concious levels it’s hard to separate out what’s what.

  3. There is the known effect called photic sneeze reflex from which I suffer. I also occasionally sneeze when sexually excited. So the the two effects might be connected.

  4. I’m reminded of the scene in a Woody Allen film where, after sex, he says, “Well, that cured my sinus problem.”
    SBML, If your ‘problem’ was the other way around, becoming sexually excited when you sneeze, you may consider using black pepper.

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