Fracking in the answer we’re looking for

It’s all so simple:

Frozen food, turkey and chicken supplies could run short as a result of the escalating energy crisis, shoppers were warned last night as the Government called urgent talks with suppliers.

Ocado, the online grocer, warned customers it has a “limited stock” of frozen items due to a “UK-wide shortage of dry ice”, while poultry and other meat producers face being unable to cull their animals due to a shortage of carbon dioxide gas.

So, frack the Bowland Shale. Just get on with it.


7 thoughts on “Fracking in the answer we’re looking for”

  1. Unable to cull due to a shortage of CO2 gas…

    Anyone know what this is used for?
    Aren’t there any substitutions available? Nitrogen could do nicely I would have thought…

  2. @Chernyy: I wondered this too. Most poultry is electrostunned and then their throats are cut, so it’s clearly not being used as a primary method of despatch (except maybe for unwanted chicks)…

  3. CD: Nitrogen is easy to produce (my last ship had a N2 plant to produce the gas to inert the cargo tanks). And anyway aren’t we told we have to get rid of CO2 to stop the planet dieing or something? And I’ve always wondered why there has never been an outcry over the way Coca Cola produce tonnes of CO2 to make their drinks fizzy, the CO2 then recklessly released into the atmosphere every time someone cracks a can or bottle open. Life is so confusing.

  4. I thought it might be worth finding out what the connection between gas prices & dry ice were. Apparently the gas is used in fertiliser production & CO2’s a by-product. Also can be obtained from fermentation plants. So all we need to do is drink more & problem solved. Mine’s a large one, barman. Doing my bit.

  5. Good to learn we can do carbon capture. Sad to learn that, despite the myriad ways we can produce CO2, the meat industry can’t use them.

  6. Johnson is peddling this bullshit to link up con-vid and eco-freak BS. Con-vid emergency morphs into greenfreak costs/supply crisis.

    It wont cut the mustard though. Project Fear of death by disease is one thing. Eco tripe is another.

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