Glorious invention

Perhaps the most pointless, and most successful, of Poynter’s products was “the little black box”. There were various iterations, but essentially the user activates it by flipping a switch. A small hand then emerges to pull the switch back. That was all: the toy existed solely to turn itself off.

5 thoughts on “Glorious invention”

  1. These are quite popular as a hobby project among “makers” these days. I’d rather know more about the Jayne Mansfield hot-water bottle, though…

  2. From an obituary:

    Then there was the famous Jayne Mansfield Hot Water Bottle, a nearly two-foot-tall hollow plastic figure of the blonde bombshell wearing a black bikini. In 1957, Poynter traveled to Mansfield’s home in L.A. where she modeled for the plaster mold. “I did it for a week,” he said. “I could have done it in two days, but why rush?”

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