How colonial

Gareth Southgate said the onus is now entirely with Fifa and Uefa to tackle racism as there is “no more” his players can do on the issue after yet more abuse in Hungary.

On a night in which Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham faced monkey chants in Budapest, the England manager added that fans still booing players for taking the knee were “dinosaurs”.

Johnny Foreigner really just must act in accordance with our wishes, eh?

Just for clarity’s sake, no, I don’t support making monkey noises at the melanin enhanced. But we do indeed have this vast industry now insisting that Britain is the very devil because of the way it told Johnny Foreigner to act for a couple of centuries. And?

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  1. Actually I don’t think that people booing the taking the knee nonsense is racist at all. At the basic level such political posturing has no place in sport. BLM is a deeply unpleasant Marxist organisation but these people are implying that if you don’t support it unequivocally then you are a bad person by definition. They also seem to be implying that George Floyd was some kind of saint.

  2. The kneeling nonsense has run its’ course. A couple of Spurs players, including HK, motioned to take the knee at the start against Pacos last week then didn’t as the Portuguese just kicked off.

    I know I am being daft, but I want to watch sport without it being fucked up by politics. MotoGP and WSB have done just fine without it.

  3. ’ Gareth Southgate said the onus is now entirely with Fifa and Uefa to tackle racism…’

    Great! Disband all the other quangos and government agencies claiming to deal with it then, and leave it to FIFA and Uefa.

    It’ll be more entertaining to watch than the football, that’s for sure!

  4. Hungary looks a better country than the UK by the week!

    More seriously though, perhaps Hungary’s experience of being invaded and ruled over by hostile foreigners probably makes them immune to appeals to treat hostile foreigners with anything but the disdain they richly deserve.

  5. Bear in mind that FIFA and UEFA tow the line when it comes to making the right noises about racism so it’s not quite as simple as the Brits telling Johnny Foreigner what to do. A lot of the other Johnny Foreigners say the same and actually it’s quite fair for the England guys to ask them to put money where their mouths are.

    Taking the knee is still political bollocks, though.

  6. FIFA and UEFA are governing bodies within which the Hungarians have a say, and over which the English have no control. The Hungarians are free to live their lives without international football if any action is taken that they do not like. Likewise, England, if no such action is taken.

    FIFA and UEFA have long been on record as disapproving of monkey chants etc, so Southgate is calling on them to do what they have both indicated is within their remit and accords with their stated objectives, such as must be considered the collective will of their members.. which are very much representative of Teh Forrins.

    So it’s fuck all like colonialism, then.

  7. the England manager added that fans still booing players for taking the knee were “dinosaurs”

    Dinosaurs were cool. A T Rex definitely wouldn’t put up with any bullshit, they didn’t even have parking wardens.

    Idk why a mincing mammalian metrosexual penalty loser is trying to dino-shame me for identifying as a carnivorous 12 foot theropod.

    “I think there’s no more that this group of players, and all the staff in fairness could do in the fight against racism,” he said. “We’re trying to uphold our part of it and other people have got to take the right action to try and make progress.”


    He added: “Hungary isn’t anywhere near as diverse in its population as our country is, and so inevitably it’s still taking us a long long time to get to where we need to get to, and inevitably if other countries don’t have the same level of diversity, it’s probably not been in their thinking in the same way as in our country. So we will continue to do what we do. We will continue to try to set the right example for young people in our own country who will be more influenced by us than, than perhaps people will be elsewhere.”

    Is this ponce auditioning for Gary Lineker’s job at the BBC? I don’t think they need any more token white men.

  8. In Hungary lots of people were killed by communism. In the US BLM attacked a statue to the victims of communism.
    Perhaps that is why BLM is not popular in Hungary

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Thanks Anon, I missed this when it happened:

    “ Increasingly, Black Lives Matter protesters armed with spray paint and rope are defacing or toppling statues of people who made America a more just and equal place.

    One of the victims of their campaign to rid the landscape of “racists” (read “dead white men”) is Revolutionary war hero Tadeusz Kościuszko, who came from Poland to fight for America’s independence. His will dedicated all his assets to buy the freedom and education of African American slaves. Yet his statue in Washington, D.C. was vandalized. “F*ck You” and “BLM” were spray-painted on the pedestal.”

  10. Actually, there is a lot more Southgate and his players can do.

    They can stop making political gestures before matches. They can make critical decisions about taking penalties unclouded by what looks like woke sentiment. They can stop confusing booing with monkey chants. They can acknowledge that booing is justified dissent protected under free speech. They can stop making race the main issue, and concentrate on playing football. They can try to understand that when racist attitudes (yes, they exist, and probably always will do) are treated as the very worst atrocity that the human mind is prone to, then using racist terms and gestures will become the new way of expressing strong emotion, such as those generated during football.

    And when they’ve done that, they could explain it to the BBC.

  11. So worried about minority rights are the England players that they are looking forward to going to Qatar where they can study close up what suppression of gay rights looks like.

  12. Idk, I honestly don’t give a fuck about “racism”, by which they mean everything from being a literal nazi skinhead to insufficiently grovelling worshipfulness towards brown people. (But mostly tending towards the latter because being emboldened to cry about racism is inversely proportional to actual racism)

    Particularly as there’s no reciprocation whatsoever, it’s obviously perfectly fine to spew abuse at wypipo, and doesn’t stop you from being an Oxbridge academic or an MP. And it’s ok to call a black football player a “choc ice”, as that nice Rio Ferdinand did prior to picking up a lucrative contract to lecture us about “racism” at the BBC.

    2020 made explicit what was already implicit – a lot of black and brown people strongly dislike white people for being white, and a lot of white people use xenophilia as a weapon to attack other white people for being the wrong type of white people.

    It’s all so tiresome, so I no longer care.

    Got booed by some Hungarians? Don’t care.

    Crying about Windrushes or building fires or skool dinners? Don’t care.

    The next aspiring rapper/footballer/rocket surgeon who gets stabbed to death by his fellow aspiring rapper/footballer/rocket surgeons over petty slights? No flowers.

  13. “2020 made explicit what was already implicit – a lot of black and brown people strongly dislike white people for being white, and a lot of white people use xenophilia as a weapon to attack other white people for being the wrong type of white people.”

    Amen Steve.

    Also time for my migrants+offspring-get-no-vote-for-100-years plan. Will halt the incentive to import those who can no longer vote.

    But UK scum Estab still want the trouble imports cause.

  14. @Sam Vara – yes, spot on.

    @Anon: “In the US BLM attacked a statue to the victims of communism” Citation? (Might be useful, if I can find any ‘liberals’ still amenable to reason.)

  15. Wife watches Big Brother (US) version and told me that this year all the ‘people of colour’ on the show have got together with a deliberate policy, which they have stated on camera, to kick out all the white people as apparently ‘it’s important a person of colour wins’. They have even commented that even if the white people notice this they will be too afraid voice their suspicions. Their strategy also includes that they each pair up with a white person then stab them in the back.
    Of course the production team are keeping quiet on this if not trying to help them (skewing the diversity massively at the start of the show obviously not being good enough), though there are starting to be some rumblings as the men in the group are conspiring to get rid of the women once all the whites are gone.

  16. BniC “Wife watches Big Brother (US) version”

    Have you considered having her sectioned? Or just divorce?

  17. Personally I see taking the knee gesture in the same political light as making a Nazi salute, both supporting a foreign political organisation with a racist agenda that one wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. And the England football teams have done both gestures (albeit a different England football team).

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