How quickly the demands arrive

Let’s start with the UK. Due to the herculean efforts of activists (and despite the best efforts of a foot-dragging, anti-abortion government), Northern Ireland now has limited access to legal abortion. But Alliance for Choice, the campaign group in Northern Ireland, says that proper access to abortion is still not guaranteed across the country. Women are still waiting for the department of health to commission abortion services, telemedicine and more types of available abortion. Currently, the majority of abortions happen in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy and are performed with pills, which carry a small risk of failure. Because there is virtually no provision for abortions after the first trimester, people seeking these services are still forced to travel to England.

Allow me the right to do this is different from you must provide me with this thing, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “How quickly the demands arrive”

  1. As with the US, the bit about “anticonception” seems to have escaped a large fraction of the Brits, even though the claim of being The Bestest In The Modern World in pretty much anything.

    Again: Why is a discussion about abortion other than for medical reasons even necessary?

  2. Why should the taxpayer fork out for abortions? Marie Stopes, Planned Parenthood are charities with tons of money.

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