I’m pretty sure this isn’t true

Pregnancy is much more dangerous than abortion — meaning abortion bans like Texas’ will be deadly

Continuing pregnancy to term did not cause 862,300 deaths in the US in 2017.

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  1. Anybody who unironically uses the term “pregnant people” is a clown-faced fuckstick and too stupid to live.

    Before abortion was made legal nationwide under Roe v. Wade, desperation led millions to seek unsafe abortions. The stories and statistics from that time are chilling. Coat hangers. Hospital wards full of young women in septic shock. Hundreds of deaths a year.

    Let’s assume this is true. There are nearly a million abortion deaths per year in the United States (babies). Therefore if they effectively ban abortion (which they haven’t and won’t), it’ll cut the abortion mortality rate by 99.9%

    Evidence-based policy!

    “Abortion saves lives” is more than just a slogan; it is an empirical truth that everyone, no matter their position on the morality of abortion, needs to consider.

    Remember when they used to pretend to be “pro choice”? In reality, Moloch never went away.

  2. “Pregnant people”! I was reading an article this weekend about “people with prostates”. English is such a flexible language, you would think we could invent words to describe such “people”.

  3. “Hospital wards full of young women in septic shock. Hundreds of deaths a year.” Tales from pre-antibiotic times.

    The unstated dative – “Pregnancy is much more dangerous than abortion”: to whom?

    I wouldn’t ban abortion but I can’t sympathise with people who are enthusiastic about it. I can easily see their wanting to make abortion compulsory for Republicans.

  4. Well, infanticide has existed in all cultures. I still remember the tale of the abo father whacking the kid over the head with a nulla-nulla while mum howled her eyes out. But of course if you couldn’t keep up with the tribe they’d just leave you for the dingos. If they were feeling nice, a wallop with the nulla-nulla might finish you off quickly there too.

    And in the Classical era, they’d simply toss the kid on a rubbish heap. If he or she was lucky, someone’d pick them up to enslave them before the crows came down to pick out their eyes. One can see where some of Moloch’s snacks came from, Steve.

    The advantage of abortion in our modern culture is that it is a ritual of the Priestly Hierarchate of Scientific Wisdom – to steal a term from Harry Stubbs. It takes place in the Holy Temple—oops hospital or clinic with the wise wizards, that is doctors wearing their priestly robes. You’re even assured the non-person can’t feel anything, just like you under the anaesthetic.

    You’ll have noticed a similar attitude to the Magic, that is ‘Science’, when they talk of global warming—oops climate change. The trouble is we think we’re perfectly rational and sensible, unlike those primitive wogs or the evil white monsters of the days of yore. Unfortunately we’re not.

  5. “Pregnancy is much more dangerous than abortion.”

    While technically correct ( after all, you avoid the possible complications of mid/late-stage pregnancies and childbirth..), it completely avoids the need to tell Stupid Bints to Not. Get. Pregnant. To. Begin. With.

    We have near-perfected reversible methods for that.. Lets you hump all you want and not get pregnant..
    Was at one time even hailed by the real feminists as the single one thing that allowed women to get away from Kirche, Kuche, Kinder…

    But hey…

  6. Whatever your beliefs on the legality of abortion, the overwhelming enthusiasm and joy of it by some Americans must surely be seen as deeply morally suspect. If you have to go through with it, surely it’s not something to boast about and celebrate.

    Planned Parenthood in the US is a lot weirder than those of us in the UK may be aware of as well. When I was last in the States, in Colorado, Planned Parenthood clinics were not attached to hospitals or GP surgeries, as one may have expected. Instead they are located in out of town retail parks on the side of major roads. We passed one particularly memorable stretch of road which had just four buildings in a row (otherwise no other buildings): 1. McDonald’s, 2. Starbucks, 3. Planned Parenthood, 4. Taco Bell. The reduction of status to the equivalent level of fast food struck not just myself but also my wife as very disturbing.

  7. According to https://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/maternal-mortality/pregnancy-mortality-surveillance-system.htm there were 17.3 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2017. According to https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/ss/ss6907a1.htm there were “0.44 legal induced abortion-related deaths per 100,000 reported legal abortions” in 2013-2017. So as a crude approximation, live birth is 39 times as dangerous as abortion. Or, using your figure, about 4 women died getting abortions, but 149 would have died had they continued to full term.

    I suspect your error is in considering anything which is both human and alive to be a person.

  8. Oh my! The coat-hangar story.

    They do love pushing this narrative that before legal abortion it was some grim-faced harridan telling you to step into the hot bath with a bottle of gin and the ‘coat-hanger’.

    Absolute tosh. The people who performed ‘back-street’ abortions then are the same people who perform legal abortions now: midwives and doctors.

    And, as Grikath alludes to above, the “my-body-my-choice” demand is covered by their choosing to perform the act that causes pregnancy. Theycan’t complain about the consequences of a freely chosen action.

  9. @M – “you are assuming that the only reason for the abortions is that otherwise the mother would die.”

    Obviously not. I said that 862,300 abortions would have saved 145 women, so obviously that assumes very few would otherwise have died.


    I presume you support abortion being freely availabe for cases of rape then?

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