Increasing gas prices

Fourth, I have no doubt that any resulting inflation will be used by those economic wizards at the Bank of England to seek to justify interest rate rises to punish us for our overconsumption of basic commodities without which we cannot at present survive, so compounding the problems created by this issue and helping drive the UK towards the recession that it seems we musty almost inevitably have now.

It seems as if neoliberal economics is destined to doom, and wants to take us all with it.

Amazingly, central bankers know about this even if the P³ doesn’t. The official target is 2% CPI and failure by more than 1% either side means writing a letter.

Such letters might inckude “Yup, CPI, but the one we all actually care about is Core CPI” which is taken to be a valid explanation.

Core CPI not including energy or food prices……

Energy price variations are considered not to be causes for monetary policy change….

This being compounded by this twattery:

Natural gas prices are at record levels for the time of year, trading at about five times their level two years ago. European countries could face supply issues this winter when demand is strongest because gas providers have been unable to fill storage during the summer.

Four thoughts.

First, the sooner we end our dependency on gas the better. It is, very obviously, an unreliable source of energy.

Fool. The entire point of gas is that it is a reliable source of dispatchable energy. It’s a price variable one but a reliable one.

11 thoughts on “Increasing gas prices”

  1. “It’s a price variable one”: bah. It’s a price-variable one. It’s an American practice to under-use hyphens and so to leave the reader to re-read a sentence while trying to see what the gobbledygook means.

  2. Without the anti-fracking lobby this wouldn’t have been a problem. Still, at least we have wind turbines, they are wonderfully reliable.

  3. It’s only “unreliable” because we buy it from Russia (or strictly, buy from a European market which is dominated by Russian supply).
    This would not be a problem if we didn’t keep demonising Russia as the cause of all our problems, with the Kabuki theatre in Salisbury in mind, for example. Or other cases where the extremely deadliest nerve agent Evah! has singularly failed to kill anyone (with the possible exception of that lady in Salisbury, but whose ‘official’ story is so laughably contradictory as to be totally discredited.

    If you want a “reliable” supply of energy, get fracking, until youve built a 100GW-400GW of nukes.

  4. Fracking is the answer.

    And ending subsidy of all greenfreak waste. Billions saved right there and directly of energy bills that subsidise the green scum.

  5. Along with the shale gas, we could use coal bed methane and coal bed gasification to make use of the fossil fuels under our feet, and under the North Sea.

    Tim the Coder, quite right that we should make nice with a largely Christian European neighbour. Accept that Crimea is theirs – in no case will they give it up – and push for a political solution for eastern Ukraine. Job about done.

    Sailing one of our dodgy Type 45s close to Sevastopol is childish and pointless.

  6. Interesting to see that I agree with the opinions expressed above. Fracking, nukes, underground coal gasification and lets avoid a new Crimean war.

    And as Ecks points out, stop wasting money on the Green rubbish.

    But no doubt if I found them obnoxious, I wouldn’t bother to read them.

  7. So he’s worried about people having to pay more for their energy, but his solution to this is to stop using one of the main sources?

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