Isn’t this a lovely thought?

Central banker suggests raising interest rates:

So, a man cocooned from the real world by a career in an exceptionally highly paid and very largely risk-free occupation that will provide him with income security for life behaves as if all are in the same place because he simply cannot comprehend that there might be those who do not enjoy his privilege. As a result he suggests that they must have their inflationary spending habits (which do not exist) kicked out of them by an interest rate rise.

Entirely different from retired accountant determining which parts of the global economy might be allowed to continue. Entirely different.

5 thoughts on “Isn’t this a lovely thought?”

  1. That’s iniquitous!

    They ought to have their inflationary spending habits (which do not exist) taxed out of them. And if their inflationary spending habits did exist, just tax them some more to be on the safe side.

  2. If the Elyan Sayer of Sooth has his way there would indeed not be any inflationary spending.

    A miser and right-wing troglodyte would point out that this would be because everyone would be on ration stamps, but any attempt at voicing such an opinion is met with the Sagaeous Banhammer of Affront.

  3. Suggests to me he still has a fucking huge mortgage.

    Raising interest rates to curb inflation when I have a huge mortgage: BAD
    Raising tax to curb inflation while I minimise tax on my income: GREAT

  4. He does appear to have missed the fact that Hungary and Norway raised their rates recently.

    But presumably the mortgage isn’t in Forints or Krone.

  5. The other Rob has it: “Suggests to me he still has a fucking huge mortgage.”

    Anyway, interest rates should be set by whoever’s doing the lending, none of this price fixing nonsense.

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